FEATURE: Clozette.co Desires

I love creating wishlists. Nothing satisfies my lack of funding for my insatiable list of wants than a wishlist. So today I signed up for a Clozette account. :) I love that it's South-east Asia centered so unlike my other "wishlist making sites", there's a slight ring of reality and relatability to the listings I make from Clozette.

If you’re from South-east Asia and you’re looking for a community to be part of, you might want to join Clozette.co. I just signed up today and I’m already mapping out when I’d be having my “Clozette day” scheduled! See, I like keeping things on schedule! I like knowing that every Tuesday I should be outlining the articles for the blog; and that maybe every Monday I should be spending at least an hour on Clozette! 

They even have Beauty section which I really like cause you can also read up on reviews and features from other Clozette community members! Being online really is about connecting to people and sharing your views anyway.

Just to let you know, here are the first three “desires” I shared on my Clozette profile. It’s from an Australian brand named Lucy Lane Vintage. Lucy Lane Vintage has a Clozette profile that you can follow! I followed the brand already! Don't we just love summer/spring dresses? :)

If you’re Filipino, do visit Religioso Clozette profile page! I immediately knew that the dress was Filipino upon seeing the thumbnail because the thumbnail seemed like a screenshot of a local fashion magazine editorial! 

Have a nice day! I hope I feel better today, need to go to work already! Need to earn money LOL

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