FEATURE: Estee Lauder Peach Nuance

You know you're unhappy when all of a sudden, the sad songs make sense. You know you're trying to pick yourself up when you find comfort in songs that aim to comfort.

Mr. Big - Wild World

Sometimes when I'm sad, I hold my own hand so I don't feel too alone. I think the habit leaves me looking as if I'm praying... maybe I am.

Anyway, I would like to share with you something happy and bright, to contradict any sad feelings I have running through my head. I think there's truth in color therapy. Notice how when you're sad, bright things make you feel better? Anyway, I was scanning some magazine features to upload on our business' Facebook page when I noticed something very dear to me... the Estee Lauder Silky Finish Blush in Peach Nuance which coincidentally my little sister bought for me at Rustans because she knew at the time, I was going through a broken/heartbreaking period.

From Cosmopolitan Philippines February 2012

Here are some photos of the blush! It's a very pretty addition to my stash. Whenever I look at it, I smile. Funny how I look at it more often than I use it!

I think part of me fear hitting pan so I keep using the blush to a minimum! This pretty little thing is definitely among my "special occasions make-up". Don't deny, you have your own list too! You know, the products you committed for special occasions only (because you don't want to use them up too soon)!

As bonus, this compact blush comes with a worthwhile free blush applicator. I'm sure I've mentioned it repeatedly beforehand, I throw free applicators away. I find most free applicators as pointless. The applicator that came with this blush however had something to say. It was obviously made of natural hair--which we know offers better blending ability compared to synthetic brushes. It also picked up just the right amount of product--and dispenses the same just right amount of color on the skin too.

As the product name implies, this blush has a silky finish to boast of. If you ask me, It would've been better if it didn't come with a brush (although yes, the brush it came with was good). It would've been super if the space taken by the brush was actual product! The more sunny peach gradient, the better! The product can easily be picked up with just your fingers anyway.

Here's how the Peach Nuance looks like on the skin. One of my friends said it wasn't the pigmented on her, which I would have to agree on, but it was easy to build up the color. Nonetheless, the blush is worth it because it's just to darn pretty to miss! It's such a darling spring/summer color if you ask me!

I'm on a very serious shopping ban until I get back from Antique (this April). I have the total written on my planner right now, suffice it to say that my cosmetic and book purchases the past few months is equivalent to a round trip ticket to LA (plus some shopping on the side). I'm just going to finish my last few swap commitments and maybe take a break this summer!

Estee Lauder Peach Nuance (P1,800) is available at Rustans. Meh, I didn't get any sample from the purchase! I don't know why! Sometimes I theorize that sales people keep the samples for themselves--I didn't fight for a sample though because again, when I got the blush, I was sad :(

Right now, Estee Lauder Philippines is promoting this product. What do you have to say about it?

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  1. That blush is just so pretty! I'm sorry to read that you had a sad period, hope everything's better now. Hugs from Italy

  2. I love this blush! I have it and you are so right, I usually only use it for special occasions!
    I hope you feel better! :)

    1. im so glad to know we have the same blush! its so nice to share similar stash w people :D

  3. I hope you feel better dear :*
    The blush color look so pretty <3 <3

  4. I really love this blush! SOOO pretty!!! :D

  5. This is so luxe! I love this... but I can't swallow the price! 1,800 for a blush!? Omg! Haha.

    I really can't afford high end brands. Oye. :<

    1. hihihi some naman are investment pieces. like this, its an investment as a happiness source!

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks! i agree w you! it's lovelier in "person"

  7. The blush is super prettY!! i love it much!! you made me want one now..=)
    I've tried the ANR serum, luvs it as it makes my skin zuper smooth and soft ^_^~ The SA in Rustan's Makati and RP are quite accommodating, they provide samples as long as you request for it..=)

    1. the ones from ATC idk. she didnt give me any!

  8. Thank you for the review! I must say, I'm surprised that there aren't a lot of people raving about this product... I've been using it for a few years already and yes, I'm not afraid to say that I like it a whole lot better than NARS Orgasm. I have the Peach Nuance too. I'm sorry to say this but the pictures you posted don't give the actual color of the product justice!

    The downside? Yes, this blush is very expensive. But hey, it's certainly a good investment!

  9. Yes! Thank you for reviewing! I'm surprised that not a lot of people are raving about this product... Probably because it *IS* pricey.

    BTW, I think the pictures you've posted do not do the actual product justice. Not saying it's your fault, just saying that one needs to HAVE it to see for themselves. ;D

    1. i agree with you! this blush is sooo much prettier in person! id try my best to capture its beauty better next time!

  10. Oh this looks really pretty, such a lovely color! I haven't bought many blushes in my life as they take so long to finish lol


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