Be graceful.

There is beauty in the breakdown.
IDK why, but I find it comforting to put on really dark make-up when I am feeling under some cloud. Dark make-up makes my eyes look big and "twinkly" so I end up smiling at myself when done.

I think it's funny that whenever I teach or give someone tips on make-up, I always include that step: smile when done. Smiling is really life-world-mood changing. :)

There is beauty in the breakdown, I believe. I don't like feeling sad but I appreciate the feeling. In fact, I respect and admire the emotion because I truly consider it a blessing to be able to feel.

It's not fun to be sad but whenever it's there, I encourage you to embrace it. There is beauty in the breakdown. Face it gracefully. It's a beautiful slice of life. -K-

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