Beauty Awards: Sweet and Polished

Let's zero-in eye popping products!
Most Wearable Eyeshadow Palette: Human Heart Nature Love Minerals Velvet Eyeshadow Palette in Sweet Innocence (As seen in Beauty Bar, but you can also buy from me! Email me now!)

I love the new Sweet Innocence Palette which Human Nature launched just last March 26! I've had my eyes set on this baby ever since I heard wind of its development and ever since I got to try it, I've been smitten.

You've ever been in one of those moments where upon trying something out, you literally, feel like crying? As if you've found The One? That happened when I got hold of my beautiful passionate palette. When I swatched it on my skin, and tried it on my eyes, I felt like crying because the wonder of the product was so overwhelming. So proud that this cosmetic is all-Pinoy!

The eyeshadow is enriched with the goodness of Passion Fruit oil, which in addition to it's all-natural formula, makes the eyeshadow gentle and caring for the skin other than just superficially making your peepers look glamorous!

Speaking of glamorous, don't be surprised if upon trying the product out you end up looking like a pageant queen as Ms.Earth beauties, in cooperation with Ms. Earth Foundation, is fully supporting the advocacy Human Nature is known for. For their Love Minerals line (specifically the lipstick, which is also enriched with Passion Fruit oil), the ComPassion campaign aims to develop a farming community in Davao to support and improve the lives of our Passion Fruit farmers in Mindanao.

Now that's award-winning!

Most Hard-working Eyebrow Palette: Etude House Perfect Brow Kit

To me, the brows are really important as it frames our face's most intimate and personal asset, our eyes. If you have your "framing" all wrong, trust me, you can only expect wrong things to happen elsewhere.

Etude House' Perfect Brow Kit completely satisfied my "wishes" when it comes to what I want to achieve with my brows. Trust me, I don't have the most perfect of brows. I am not an expert in shaping them but whenever I use Perfect Brow Kit, my eyebrows always end up looking professionally done!

In fact, I would have to admit, that the Perfect Brow Kit is the first eyebrow palette that ever made it to my bag! Normally, after doing my brows at home, I don't feel the need to bring products to retouch for the day, but with Perfect Brow Kit, I felt like I have to bring it anywhere I go so if I need to correct someone else's brows, I'm ready.

Oh yeah, here's a girl with a mission!

I know lots of you are also stressing if not neglecting your brows! Naku ladies, don't. Try out Perfect Brow Kit and seriously, watch how your face instantly look unquestionably polished. :)

The kit comes with two mini-applicators: a mini spoolie to comb your brow hairs and a mini double-ended brow brush to apply the brow-shaping powder. All that in one compact palette!


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  1. Ohmygosh!:) It's cool to see that Human Heart Nature coming out with more makeup products! :)


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