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If you're in that stage where you are seriously considering if not are already practicing intensive and if I may say, conscious-disciplined skin care regimen/s, then I'm sure the idea of layering products have already come to mind. I'm sure you have already wondered, experimented and/or wondering and experimenting putting things on one after the other. When I started layering skin care products, I played it safe by staying within a certain range only; something which I have proven to be the best way to do it not because there is assurance in using just one line or brand but rather because it is most comfortable and less stressful to do so:
  • and by most comfortable I mean it is easier to find, mix and match products sans worries of allergic or worse harmful chemical reactions per layers;
  • and by less stressful I mean, it's easier to buy, to list, to prepare, and to even look at, if the bunch you would place on your top drawer/dresser/shelf is from one line only.
Unfortunately, when the summer season strikes, layering is just not a nice idea (both in fashion and beauty). Summer is almost always a less is more time of the year. It's hot, it's humid, it's best to keep things simple; it's the time of the year when "cool" is in the au naturale.

But, I hope this doesn't discourage anyone from trying out "skin care layering". For one, summer is the season when the skin takes such intense environmental beating! Yes to SPF! Yes to practicing an intensive evening skin care routine!

And yes, the emphasis on evening was very much intentional.

For the day, I go by the less is more principle; especially if you plan to really be outdoors! Summer is the time of the year when you should choose to flaunt that natural glow. I always find things to be most beautiful under the sunny sunshine. Your face included :p

But come sundown, let your potent skin care out! Evening (while you sleep especially) is the best time to care for your tired face! Rejuvenate, and replenish all the good health your skin deserves! Of all things, I discovered Etude House Aqua Cure Skin Care line to be a great range for summer evenings. :)

Etude House Aqua Cure skin care line. (From left to right: Aqua Cure Gel Cream (Php 648), Aqua Cure Face Mist (Php 448), Aqua Cure Emulsion (Php 548) 
As if the name itself isn't a giveaway already. Aqua Cure: definitely gentle. Aqua Cure: definitely skin healing. I have raved about Aqua Cure Gel Cream previously (click here) and it's time that I share with you too all the other Aqua Cure products you could benefit from.

Use Aqua Cure Gel Cream as your day moisturizer. It doesn't have SPF I know but its formulation protects your skin from environmental stressors other than providing just the right hydration for you to face the heat of the day. For touch-ups during the day, spritz a few Aqua Cure Face Mist to stay looking-fresh and dewy. It's vitamin-enriched water-based formula leaves a non-sticky skin refreshing scent on your skin too!

For the evening, use Aqua Cure Emulsion instead. It has the same lightweight and easy-to-absorb formula but has a "creamier" finish. Personally, I prefer using both at night. I first apply Aqua Cure Gel Cream then leave it to dry a little then I apply Aqua Cure Emulsion right befor all moisture is absorbed by my skin. It's so great! My skin feels so young and supple in an instant! It's like I used face mask! :)

It's best to use skin care when you're so fresh, just-stepped out of the shower. As I have mentioned in my previous rave post about Aqua Cure Gel Cream, the gel cream is a great refresher! When then is it best to really enjoy that refreshing feeling than when you're clean. :)

A few of my favorite Face Masks from Watsons, The Face Shop and Etude House. I product-tested face masks from these brands to find out myself which is best...

Should you wish to know which of the brands carry the best face-fitting mask? Hands down Etude House!

Face Mask party. :)

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