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As promised (to myself), Jan-Feb 2011 should mark the day when I dare color my hair something un-brown. My strands are no-virgins as I have undergone various hair coloring and straightening treatments already; however, for the coloring for example, I have never dyed my hair anything that isn't among the "browns".

I kept my promise! Few nights ago, I had my hair dyed at home (yes! I mustered that enough courage!) using Hortaleza Professional's Hair Crystal Color in Light Hazel Blonde shade. Blonde?! I know right.

Of course Light Hazel Blonde is nowhere near a platinum or golden yellow blonde, but it is still a type of blonde therefore it is still a bold move for an old "brownie" like me! I used two tubes for my long frizzy hair, at the suggestion of HBC store assistants. But I do have one more set (set: tube and color developer) which I would use for color touch-up in three weeks!

FYI, I decided to "color touch-up" so soon because bold as I am, I am still an amateur, and as proven by my experience hehe I wasn't able to color properly up-to the roots! Not that it's super badly done, but I did expect some mistakes, so I guess that's a tip I can give all of you who would try to rock some boats, have that foresight! Be prepared to correct mistakes! It is best to stock up with a back-up coloring set because you'll never know if the store would run out of your chosen shade! Especially at HBC where everything, and I mean everything, sells like pancakes!

Things you need:
- (depending on your hair length and volume) Set/s of hair color and developer. I used a 12% crystal color developer to match the hair crystal color gels I used. Don't worry about the proportion because it is all too simple to determine. One tube of hair crystal color is equivalent to one small bottle of hair color developer.
- color comb and brush (to apply and distribute hair color solution unto strands properly and evenly
- disposable plastic gloves
- plastic hair color mixing bowl
- (optional, but recommended) ear covers / rubber ear "muffs" to protect the ears from any irritation that may be caused by the solution
- shower cap
- (optional) mild but intensive hair treatment or conditioner

- wear an old t-shirt especially if your hair is long because you don't want to waste a nice shirt with hair color stains
- or you can also use an old towel and protect your neck and your clothes with it by simply wearing it or wrapping it round your shoulder, as if it were a cape
- time your application and don't forget to also time your "waiting period". If you want a stronger result, let the hair color sit on your hair for a longer period of time; but be weary that you can't overdo this! I allowed the hair color to sit on my hair for 45 mins instead of just 20-30, no harm done. :)
- have someone else apply the hair color on you because it would be super difficult to achieve an even application especially at the back portion of your crowning glory. If no one is available, make sure there's a huge mirror for you to make use of!

Hair Crystal Color by Hortaleza Professional

1. Shampoo hair and have it 75% air dried. Then, with all your "tools" ready, squeeze out the hair coloring gel and mix it with your hair color developer, following a one-is-to-one rule. I used two hair coloring tubes so I used two small bottles of 12% hair color developer (also called as oxidizing lotion). It should look like something like photo 1, see photo below.
2. Mix the gel and the oxidizing lotion together, notice that there would be a slight change in color with the gel and the developer. Don't freak out! :p It should look like photo 2 (if you used the same hair color as mine, which is Light Hazel Blonde).
3. Mix well until you achieve a homogeneous mixture. Color should be really different by now, and it should look close to photo 3, see photo below.

This is what it (the process) would look like. :)
4. Divide your air dried hair into four sections and apply hair color one section at a time. Use disposable gloves doh. Once done, wrap your hair and cover it with a shower cap. You're now ready to let the hair color do it's magic. Watch TV or read a book while waiting! Don't forget to have an alarm set to your desired max sitting time. :) Enjoy and hope for the best! haha!
5. Rinse your hair gently. Avoid letting water or the hair color flow down from your hair to your face so your eyes are safe! Tilt your head back, don't use shampoo anymore, and just let water rinse your hair from all that hair coloring goo! Once you think your hair's clean enough, use an intensive hair treatment (or if you don't want to overwhelm your hair, your favorite conditioner would do) to make sure that your hair is soft and healthy even after your DIY coloring treatment.
6. Gently rinse your hair again and towel dry. When combing, use a wide-toothed comb so you don't pull or break your sensitive hair (FYI, hair is most sensitive when wet).
7. (Optional, but highly recommended) Smile at yourself in the mirror. Love your new look! :)

Here's a not-so-old photo of me. :)

Another photo... I chose photos that emphasize my hair's characteristics: length, color and texture? haha

Here's my latest photo! Am now using it as my Facebook Fan Page's profile pic! :) Pls add me.

Another profile pic, which I lurve. :) I look so cool in this photo. That's just me with my swaggerin' smile while I enjoy the sun at Ayala Triangle :)

Here's a closer look at my hair! Notice how it's not dry or stiff at all! I was so scared to have dry and stiff hair (since my hair is really one of my biggest frustrations); but gladly, my hair's still so soft even after using HP hair crystal color!

(Me after I pigged out at Mercato BGC, haha)

I dare you to color your hair this March! Pls inform me via my FB wall if you decide on taking my dare, share with me a before and after photo and who knows, you might win something ;p

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  1. I'm planning to do a retouch on my hair...I dyed my hair Reddish brown last January and now the black roots are showing...I guess its too early to have it retouched this March..I still have to wait for April I guess.

    Oh and you really look FAB...Blondie-red suits you matched perfectly with your skin tone :)


  2. I'll follow you to the ends of the earth. :)

  3. Hey! Stepping out of your comfort zone seemed to do you a lot of good! Great job!


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