Book Giveaway: Indulge me with your Out-of-the-Box Story

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They always say that to be creative and to simply develop if not to establish a unique name/type/reputation/personality, one should think outside the box.

I interpret this with this irony: to defy the lines is to be more absolute. Despite chaos, freedom's haunting little shadow, the world (or worlds) discoverable outside "the box" is an absolute variable defined to be infinite.

With this, I would love for you to indulge me with your stories. Share with me via a comment on this post your story of "line-defiance".  Did you face your fears? Did you leave your comfort zones? Tell me what it was like/is like to live outside the box. How far have you gone, and where are you shooting your arrows? Anything. As long it is your personal account of "line-defiance", it would be considered for my book giveaway thanks to our friends from Fully Booked. (For book reviews, click here.)

The book up for grabs for this giveaway is A Convergence of Birds: original fiction and poetry inspired by Joseph Cornell, edited by Jonathan Safran Foer, hardcover (Php 1,299).

If you love art, and you love words... then I am sure you would also love to win this book giveaway!

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My comments are moderated and I am not going to approve comments/entries until winner is determined so it would be fair and there won't be copying... so yes, there are entries, you just don't see them yet :p (March 18, 2011)

The winner will be drawn randomly. This contest is open internationally and will end upon reaching 300 blog followers so good luck! :)

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Book Review for A Convergence of Birds coming soon.