Summer Challenge 2011: wear those Plana Forma socks

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Dancers Struck
I have the highest respect for dancers, the serious and dedicated ones at least. No, not simply those who can dance, or has a groove. I'm referring to those who really treat dancing as a craft. I have the highest respect for people who regard dancing as a passionate way of life.

That last time I went to see a ballet was (shamefully) a year ago. I was with my friend Dada with whom I shared complimentary tickets to Ballet Philippines' staging of Swan Lake. It was such an amazing evening, the Swan Princess (or queen) danced so beautifully that at the absence of dialogue, thoughts and emotions echoed against the historical walls of the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

Earlier today, while I was looking through my Twitter Dashboard, I stumbled upon this article and it made me feel two things: (1) I felt that my high regard for professional dancers was all the more emphasized; and (2) I'm so psyched and excited to embark on my Summer 2011 challenge: to try out Plana Forma.

Visit their website at
 Here's a little backgrounder to have you more informed about Plana Forma (and why I'm very happy that it's available in the Philippines! (Many many thanks to Frank and Kristel for introducing Plana Forma to me.)
 In 2010, Plana FORMA™’s Co-Founder and Director for Training Julie Alagde, along with Associate Director for Training Van Manalo and Primary Trainer Celine Encarnacion, underwent intensive training in New York City, to personally study the key principles and techniques behind Physique 57.

Incorporating techniques from Physique 57 into her own experiences with isometrics, yoga, and Pilates, as well as her career as a dancer, Julie has assembled a wholly engaging series of Plana FORMA™ classes custom-tailored for busy city living: Introductory classes for curious first-timers, Open sessions for ongoing enthusiasts, and Advanced workouts for veteran students looking for a serious challenge. Unlike conventional workouts that can become mechanical and tedious with time, Plana FORMA™ constantly challenges students with changing techniques, making no two sessions the same.

Summer will spell out a lot of relaxing weekends spent doing some Plana Forma classes and of course, taking time to enjoy a stroll arond The Fort right after. :)

Plana Forma Studio is at 6th Floor Jecoprime Building 20th Drive Mc.Kinley Business Park, Fort Bonifacio Taguig City.
I look forward to really challenging myself with this new program. The part I'm most excited about is its promise of a different class/challenge every time! I'm sure you know it's quite difficult to stay enthusiastic over something when it starts to feel more of a grind than a groove, so I'm really looking forward to experiencing different challenges through my Plana Forma classes.

It sure sounds fun and flexible, two F words I badly need in my busy-schedule! :p

Damn, I know how challenging that pose is. Hello core muscles, you're in for a shock April-May!
I'll be documenting the experience here so please do stay tuned! If you're not a gym-rat (like me), and you're not as active anymore (or active at all), then I invite you to follow my Plana Forma experience.

Let's see how much we can benefit from these Plana Forma results:
• Increased lung capacity
• Long, lean, and sexy muscles
• A strong, toned and flexible body
• Improved body awareness
• Strong back and improved posture
• Increased bone density
• A firmer seat

What a pretty studio. So excited to meet you.

Hey, if you'd like to join me in my experience, call Plana Forma now! (02-5530870) 

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  1. I have a couple of dancer friends and they are amazing!!! :)


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