Ballerina's Song

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I'm trying to create all the wonderful possible ways for you to lose me. "Search for thee one and only," dear feel my daily cry. Close your eyes and feel how I'm slowly slipping away, every day. With the wind that is cold, crossed with your humid days. With the wind is my voice like summer sunsets repeatedly lost to the night. I'm The background. I'm an echo on repeat, I'm in the verge of losing my strength and quality. Dance with me.

The wind. It's the ship I lie untouched on. It's the vessel that drifts me away.

Chase after the fleeting memory, that I am. Never let me fade, or I shall return and redraw and retrace and reclaim everything that is yours, make it mine only to leave again. Won't that hurt? Is it foul play this game that I'm twirling on? Say yes. Then be blinded by my--horizon. Say yes. Then be dazed by the distance I'm building on, for you to take. Dance with me.

I am yours; this is yours. Did you see where I placed my hand? Move along, guide my voice. It will take you to places where I was, and will be, where I'll go, you will see. "It's confusing," you would say. "It's a chase," it should be. Take my hand, let it share you thoughts and my different realities--on your skin. Dance with me.

We are yours; all of me. We''ll create a different version of reel that explores all our unchartered roles. Let me concquer you. Take my lead. Let us leave our souls on a stage where we'd dance together. Watch our show. Watch us dance. Live a separate life from our bodies, become inanimate, become forever. Sit beside me. Take this seat. Lose all preconceived notions. Dance with me.

Let us leave the theater with a thundering applause by our striding footsteps against hollowed floors. Let us run up the velvety stairs, defy gravity: run up walls. Let's be silent like a thief escaping with all of the world's valuable things. Let's be villains. Form our own, rule our own. Steal our show and all the kinds of thunders of all the kinds of storms that our old world can deliver. Be louder. Be great. Let's be strong in this dance. Jump in in this trance. Let's be us. Let's be forever. Let us dance like there is never a reason to stop from moving forth, and moving back, and moving on, and moving and owning this song. Dance with me. Take my hand. Dance with me. Listen. Dance with me. Follow. Dance with me. Fear me. Be brave. Leave the world. Leave it upto me. Let's be us. Dance with me.

I am trying to create all the different impossible ways for you to make me stay. I am trying to be like the sand on your hand, you can form me with your tears; you can hold me and watch me fall apart. It's a dance. Take the heart, on my hand. Dance with me.

Hold me.
Lose me.
Cup me once again.
Hold me.
Take me.
Lose me, it's always the end.
Hold me.
Lose me.
Form me with tears you'd cry.
Hold me.
Make me
your only chance
to ever dance.

I'm trying to create all the wonderful possible ways for you to lose me.
I'm trying to create all the wonderful possible ways for you to find-find-find me!
I'm trying to create all the wonderful plausible reasons, for you to dance
take a chance
on the only one who would ever create such a dance
for you to dance
along the lines of death and life, along the lines that stand atop of an everlasting height.
Lay your head on my shoulder take my scent and memorize all the moves I'll create
for our dance.
Take this dance.
Take my hand.
Hold my waist.
Dance with me.


The ring is from Shopruche, and I really want it. (Heart in the Shadows ring by Ollipop) 

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