Guerlain Meteorites Perles: correcting, unifying & illuminating powder-in-one

As a child, I read the thickest books (not to mention, old!) on Greek mythology! I am just at awe by how the gods and godesses are described so beautifully that the (then) human race can't help but worship them!

Mythical beauty should each be our peg all year round!

Gifts of Summer. Thank you very much Sigrid and Anj. You're right, Guerlain Meteorites Perles is magical!
Here's an idea, welcome the sun with a magical iridiscent glow that is sure to make people wonder what your secret is.
Guerlain Meteories Perles (Php 2,998) is available at Rustans Shangri-la and Makati.
To those who have been following me on my Facebook page, maybe you have heard wind of my excitement over an invitation to write for an international website. Since then, I have set my gears on double hardworking mode to find great products, items, places, ideas, concepts, technologies out there so I can, as always, come up with fun, approachable yet informative articles on beauty and life (which is well, beautiful!).

Among my recent discoveries is Meteorites Perles by Guerlain. Many of you must know Guerlain first and foremost for their fragrance and skin care lines; but to those who are not so familiar, I'm here to share with you what you must stop missing out on!

Bring the luxury Guerlain fragrances is known for and combine it with the upscale technology of their skin care ranges and you have Meteorites Perles. It's an out of this world cosmetic because it reigns supreme in multi-tasking. As the title of this post suggests, Meteorites Perles is a (1)correcting, (2)unifying and (3)illuminating powder in one.

Here's a close-up shot of Meteorites Perles. The secret to the illuminating pure radiance achieved by Guerlian Meteorites Perles is in the combination of three different "pearls" or powder beads, each of which performs the tasks at hand for that "magical glow" which is to correct, to unify and to illuminate the skin. (Featured photo is Meteorites Perles in 03 Teint Dore)
 Meteorites Perles takes flight from the science of which is hidden between the different rays that comprises white light. To mimic that radiant glow on your skin, Meteorites Perles brings to a perfect blend all the powder, sheen, and glow you need to achieve that enviable radiance; so don't be surprised to see purple and green beads on your case.

These powders, as it touches the skin, leaves a kiss of luminescence that is great especially in the summer! It is very light on the skin; likewise, because it is in powder beads form, it is a mistake-proof cosmetic product. No need to worry about over-application and cakey skin as the sun goes up. The light-reflecting properties of the perfectly unified perles will only make your skin look healthy and glamorous.

Beauty and luxury in a (similarly, luxurious) box.
 My recommendation is to use Meteorites Perles as simply a sheer powder for days when you'd rather skip make-up. It will help boost your natural dewy skin into an unquestionable face covered with glimmer (Meteorites Perles leave a very light hint of shimmer on the skin that comes as irresistible when seen up-close.)

For a more sophisticated "natural look", use a light beige eyeshadow on your lids. It will help even out your skin tone around the eyes, which for some comes as a little bit darker compared to other areas of the face. For to create a subtle depth, for people with bulging eyes, lightly tap a golden bronze eyeshadow just below your brow bone. This will create a shadow that will make your eyes recede a little.

When the sun's all up and blazing, it's always great to have a handy palette that can give you the two hottest looks for sunshine bellas: the polished bronzed eye for the day events and the earth-toned glamour for the evening dates.
 You'd also be pleased to know that Meteorites Perles works as a great finishing powder as well! After you have completed your eye and face make-up, sweep a layer of Perles and smile. You can never go wrong with the combination of shimmer and a bright smile. :)

Be mythical and beautiful everyday! Good luck!


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