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Holding up my super super favorite bread from Le Petit Artisan! Uh, Japanese Mochi!
 Yesterday, I got to spend a wonderful Sunday with my best friend, or no, she's not my best friend, she's my Super Friend (logic: she's not simply the best type, she's the super type!) and I was just happy-happy. I asked her to take random pictures of me holding things up, hehe.

Dinner at El Pollo Loco, Soy loca por la "chicken" de El Pollo Loco.
 I love El Pollo Loco sooo much. Makes me want to go to Mexico! I think Mexican food is todos interesantes y deliciosos!

After we had dinner, she went on having a haircut at Vivere Salon (Php 350). Peg was supposed to be Rihanna but it was changed to the Vivere Salon ad photo haha because it was perfectly Bomboli. :) Photo above is a before photo.

Well, before her haircut, I pleaded LOL that we pass by Watsons first. I feel really bad that I was at SM Megamall but I can't go to Etude House because I'm such a poor poor rat. :( So I kinda satisfied that sad sad feeling of poverty by going to Watsons. I bought lash glue, a pearl white eyeliner (which is divine!!!), lavender scented tissues and rerm rollers... because I can't wait to curl my hair when my foam rollers arrive!

While SF (Super Friend) was having her hair done, I was also seated on one of those salon chairs and was playing with my hair, LOL. I know I was doing a really really bad job of curling ym hair with the rollers I got but do check out the photo below to know what it looks like. It's a very bad photo as my phone's really sour, but it's pretty cool cause the rollers were on my hair for just a short while but the curls were awesome just as much!

She's so thing right?! She keeps on saying she's fat. I don't think so! :)

 I don't think she's fat because she can still fit that polo! :)

Anywhoo, I arrived home quite late and well thought of re-arranging my make-up stuff because wow, they really are a mess!

Photo below is how it looks like last January. I forgot to take a photo of what it looked like exactly before I arranged it last night but I hope the photo above gives you an idea on what I was working with!

Damn, I slept around 4:30 AM just re-arranging my kikay corner. haha!


Starting with my "stocks", since I have back-up stocks of some products... especially of Face Masks! hahaha

Initially I placed them on the top shelf but I changed my mind and placed them on the third shelf. I also placed my manicure stuff and nail polish collection with the "stocks" or should I say stash? :)

Photo below.. my stash.

And now, my make-up stuff.

You saw what I was working with through the photo I posted earlier on right?! Well I'm so proud, after throwing away some stuff...

Check out how amazing I am! woo hoo

1. Yellow Basket holds my lipsticks/lip glosses. They don't fit... I need to think of a better way of keeping these since I'm such a lipstick manix-shopper.
2. Pink roll holds my mascaras... realized I don't have a lot but it's fine since mascaras have such a short shelf life. It's divided into four pockets: the travel-sized/cute stuff, lengthening, volumizing, and favorites! haha
3. old make-up brush pouch now holds my eye liners! Coolness, since the brush pockets are all for eyeshadow brushes, mypencil liners fits perfectly well!!! You should try organizing your pencil liners, brow liners and even lip liners as such. :) On the net pocket it has, I placed the liquid and cream liners. :)
4. Green case holds my primers, concealers, and all sorts of make-up base. :)
5. Blue case holds my foundation, pressed powders and finishing powders. Not a lot of stuff because the items are rather big... so I'll "edit" that some other time. :)
6. Clear case holds an array of stuff, mostly mineral make-up. It holds my mineral eyeshadows, mineral blushes and mineral bronzers. It also hold my other regular blush pots and bronzers.
7. Orange basket holds my you-know-is-such-a-bad-addiction: my make-up brushes! I am so stoked they fit! hahaha Sort of forced them all in though, LOL but yeah, I'm loooking forward to filing up a new basket!!! That basket holds... five make-up brush sets... I know! How did that happen?! and IKR, GLAD THEY FIT!
8. Green basket holds my eyeshadow palettes, pots, cream shadows and liquid shadows! :D So many, so cool! :)

It looks sooo.... peaceful. :)

How about you, how do you organize your stuff?


I don't want to show my skin care corner cause it's still so messed up haha!

Please like this post if you think I did a great job!!! :)


  1. good for you. since i don't have a lot of makeup stuff, i don't have a problem organizing

  2. I have this little drawer thing for my makeup. Same as camgaga. Not much makeup, not much problems. LOL


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