High-end cosmetics are fun. They offer a wider range of colors, textures and finishes that unfortunately, low-end products can't provide. High-end products are also much much safer and more often than not, provide added skin care or protection compared to their cheaper counterparts... BUT don't get me wrong here. There are a lot of high end products that are expensive just because of the name. And not because cheaper products are made more affordable, it means they can't give you a little bit of make-up bliss.

Few days ago I was feeling under the weather and decided to scour the mall for some affordable make-up goodies that I can share with my readers. Some of you do ask me for recommendations and I do understand that the budget is sometimes limited. I also understand that when just starting out, it's not easy to shell out Php 2,500 just for a slab of gorgeous lip coloring products.

So this. I hope you enjoy what I have to share below! :)
Ever Bilena matte lipsticks on sale. Php 99 from P139 ? I don't know. Sale is until April-ish.

Farthest left is Scarlet. It is the brightest red of the collection and it is quite a striking color to wear so do wear it with flair and confidence should you decide to try it out. It's an orange red finish, so best pair it with bright, clear and matte complexion. :) Other two are earth-toned shades which I do prefer using when the lipstick is the matte-finish type. I love using earthy matte lipsticks because the lack of sheen makes the "natural" or "nude" effect dramatic, instead of dull. The one in the middle is Mauvey while the other is Skin. :) SWATCHES BELOW.

Mini-sized lip colors from Fashion 21's counter. It's just Php 25 each, like crazy! I chose these colors because they represent my preferred lip colors this season: orange, bright pinks and nudes.

Don't be surprised! I know one of the lipsticks look like a dull lilac shade but when applied on the lips, it's a semi-bright pink finish. SWATCHES BELOW.

THE BESTEST CHEAP FIND EVER. I'm planning on buying the pink one again cause my sister got my tube. No problem, it's just Php 60 each! I love this line of lip gloss because it smells so great and it's so pigmented and not sticky that it leaves a "lipstick"-like finish rather than just a gloss.

Wearing the pink gloss from Careline. See what I mean by "lipstick-like"?

I also got this Magic lipstick from Ever Bilena. Natuwa ako kasi they had so many colors and because it says "magic" haha! Initially, I was supposed to get all but I didn't like the other scents and the finish are mostly similar (it leaves this really smooth lip stain effect on the lips, super long wearing!), I only got the lemon variand. My sister says it smells like banyo. haha! I say it smells like FRUTOS!

Php 75 only

This is one of my super favorite lipsticks as of the moment. It's also by Fashion 21 but it's a full-sized lipstick so it's Php 50 (previous Fashion 21 lip color mentioned was a mini or travel sized version so I guess that's why it's half the price).

I love this so much because the color, when you apply it, is pretty much the color you see on it when unswatched. Since orange lips is such an in thing this season, I am so fond of this lip find! This lipstick, if I remember it right, is letter H. SWATCHES BELOW

Fashion 21 lipstick topped with Careline lip gloss. Crazy pigmented right?! (the contrast is highly emphasized on this photo because of the camera flash, but on ambient light, it's pretty much the same! Try it for yourself!)

Other than orange lips, you must've heard wind of my "Barbie pink lips" fascination lately. Here I am sporting pale pink lips. So nice! I am using Etude House Lucid Darling lipstick in PK002 (Php 478 ?) 

Etude House Lucid Darling lipsticks have such a pretty case. It looks like wind-blown glass art sculptures!

Because our lips are naturally pigmented (rosy red for the lucky ones while a darker brown or red for those who are not as fortunate), it is recommended to neutralize the color of our lips to achieve the best shade out of the lipsticks we'd use. Especially for very bright or pale shades, it's best to really start with a good foundation... even for the lips! I know some use powder or the same concealer they use on the face, but for those who are "choosy", it's great pleasure to share with you that Etude House carries this wonderful lip concealer (Php 299 ?) that leaves a very nice and even nude coverage on the lips making it easier to really achieve great heights on lippie looks.

I used the said concealer prior Lucid Darling to achieve the pink lips I shared above. Impressed much? :)

Here's my most updated swatched collection of lipsticks. I wrote the names of the lipsticks on a post-its, but I can't find them anymore so I'm sorry that I can't properly caption this, like I intended to... :(

But for the sake of counting, I'll upload it just the same. If you're intrigued by any of the swatches, please leave a comment and I'll try my best to figure out which lipstick corresponds to the shade you like so you can go about and sport the same color too!

10. Mauvey
11. Scarlet
12. Skin

Nos. 6, 7 AND 8 ARE SWATCHES OF THE FASHION 21 MINI-LIPSTICKS.  :) Which is which is pretty obvious naman right? :)

xxx KISSES xxx


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  1. oh my this is it.... sooooo ♥♥♥ Barbie pink lips... gotta have the lip concealer.. :)

    thanks K for this wonderful review :)

  2. been looking for the perfect orange shade lately! thanks for this, bebe. will definitely check out the dept store for these =)

  3. wow that's a great post! I love no. 12 (SKIN) from Ever Bilena & no. 8 from Fashion 21 ^_^

  4. Ooooohhh... Love the orange lippies! They're very "in" these days. :)

  5. I've been hearing so much about the EB matte lippies. I should really grab one.

  6. oh my gosh, i will buy some of the lipsticks you featured here. thanks for this post. i love lippies!

    much love,


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