Book to Basics #26 Make up Manual by Bobbi Brown

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Makeup Manual is my kind of manual.
I want to be really gender-sensitive and not generalize, but it's so hard to resist sharing that my reaction to Bobbi Brown's Makeup Manual is slightly amusing and shameful.

I don't know about you, but I don't read manuals. I believe the only time I read manuals is when I have a new mobile phone because mobile phones now are sooo over-the-edge of technological advancement and it would be such a waste to not know about the many features each hand-carry "can-almost-do-anything" gadget can offer--and even on those occasions, I don't read the manual thoroughly.

In fact, even if something wrong already, consulting a gadget's manual is the last thing that comes to mind! I would rather google the solution, and yes, I am quite ashamed of that!

However, having a manual is tantamount to having a bible--no sacrilegious offense meant. Having a manual sets the right path and sheds that much-needed ambient light to see through the many confusions an unmastered "thing" may put on the table. Make-up, among many things, is one of those "things" that can be considered as a confusing field for a doe-eyed traveler.

I don't have professional background on make-up; neither do I plan on taking make-up classes (I just don't feel comfortable shelling out that much on professional make-up classes; although sponsors are always welcome! Do I hear a long-lost rich lolo-lola there?), but having read through the pages of Bobbi Brown's Makeup Manual makes me feel quite confident about venturing into make-up artistry without the proper make-up-luvvin-lineage running through my veins. I'm very young and there's still so much for me to learn, especially when it comes to the art of achieving that natural beauty each and every person actually has (but sadly fails to recognize). Makeup Manual made my beauty advocacy all the more promising, and I feel so inspired. After reading Makeup Manual, I sleep through nights knowing that I can make the world beautiful, with literally, my own hands. :)

Browsed through Google images and saw some scanned pages from the Makeup Manual. If these pages doesn't make you want to have your own copy of the manual, I don't know what will. These pages pretty much explains in most professional details, tips and techniques to achieve the most basic of make-up skill... :)
Probably, my favorite chapter from the manual. :)
I just love Bobbi Brown's take on beauty: every woman wants the same thing, to be themselves, only more beautiful.
As I've said, the Makeup Manual left me feeling inspired. Every now and then (ha! truth is, almost every night), when I'm feeling stressed, I color. Color lifts my spirits up. I love anything that is colorful, in every sense of the word.

Recently, I let the inspiration take me away, especially because I have been on full speed in gearing up towards facing this year's scorching (although "weather reportedly") wet summer season! Please follow this site through Google Connect (check sidebar). You may use your gmail, facebook and even twitter account to follow, if you don't have a blog! :)

The inspiration took me to a place where my hair's tied up in a messy hopefully fierce way. I used some of the make-up gifts I recently received from my friend living far away from my heart's content (hope Milan would let me borrow you this year, D). I've been using her make-up gifts because I want her to know how much I really appreciated her very wonderful surprise! And as I've said, Makeup Manual left me feeling inspired.

I supposed there's no other better way to explain how I would like to face my site's obviously favored season other than my current campaign's tagline: Live a colorful life.

Let's all live a life filled with love, passion and inspiration. 

Be remembered. Be remembered as someone with a beautiful heart who lived a beautiful life. :)

Makeup Manual (Php 1,235) is available at Fully Booked. For inquiries, visit their website here.



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  1. My philosophy on manuals is that it belongs automatically in the trash. If I get a new phone, my philosophy is "push the button and see what happens." LOL

    But I do love love love Bobbi Brown and I love that her line is vegan. :)

  2. I'm getting this book! It's so hard to find. I had one reserved in Fully Booked. :)


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