Be Pampered like a Royalty

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Sorry, but I am really clumsy that I find it most difficult to maintain beautiful nails. Not to mention, my nails are soft so I never get to grow them :( So every time I have a new and fresh mani available, I always hehe always take pictures of it.
I have been experiencing a series of sudden coma every time my butt touches my bed. The past few week was just so... draining that I usually end the day tired and well, as I have loosely placed it, comatose.

Not that I have been doing anything rough or rigorous, come to think of it, my butt is swelling from all that sitting in front of my desk, kidding aside, the combination of work and personal stress plus the inevitable everyday grind just, loosely placing it again, ground me to dust.

So I truly felt I deserved a pampered weekend.

If you yourself share that same experience, where you feel that no amount of sleep seem to recharge you from all that hard work you have been doing, pamper yourself. Give yourself that opportunity to really recover from all that lost energy. It's not wrong to work hard, in fact, give yourself a light pat on the back. You deserve an award for being awesome... just a suggestion, start that award with a relaxing hand and foot spa.

Seriously, nothing spells relaxing than a hand and foot massage (so much more when done simultaneously). Whenever I get a mani-pedi, I always feel like a princess. I don't know why.

Consequently, it's no surprise that when I returned to one of our local nail havens, I felt like a queen.

Orly, China Glaze, Creative and more polish polish polish! It's such a nice experience to choose lacquers at Posh Nails Hand & Foot Spa because unlike other nail spa houses or salons, they have extra charges depending on the brand of polish to be used... at Posh Nails, wala! So happy! Choose lang ng choose! :)
I always will be a fan of how brightly colored Posh Nails Hand and Foot Spa branches are. I love how delightfully candy-pink and sweet purple their furnishings are. Now pair those pastels with crisp white sofas topped with bubblegum colored pillows and cushions, you're left with no choice but to feel like you've just entered a Barbie-realm... Posh Nails branches have that youthful vibe that is very effective in bringing out the child in me. Oh, I love being a child. Nothing spells happiness that a child's laughter. (which you can actually find to be echoing inside Posh Nails Ali Mall branch every now and then... the details I'll divulge later on).

And what's a child without a home? :)

Posh Nails is Cat Ilacad's brain-child, and this little baby of hers has grown quite beautifully if I may say. Of all the things I wanted to know about Posh Nails, I just couldn't resist but ask about their uniformed branch designs and color schemes. I know there's always a purpose whenever stores keep such a style amongst all branches, and I just couldn't resist but ask, what's behind the sweet shades?

Sweet seem to be the perfect term alright, it's all about mimicking your "home sweet home".

Pre-pampering experience look

I shared that picture because I found it too adorable, why? Look at how Amy of Posh Nails Ali Mall branch tucked me in! Literally, I was tucked in with such smooth royal treatment. I found the gesture so cute and amusing. She helped and arranged the pillows to my comfort, even that flower pink pillow I have my head leaning on! It was so comfortable to just sit there and wait for my Tutti Frutti treatment to begin! It felt like home, as always.

Wait, let me change that.

It felt like home, only better. :)
Details... I love the star stud details on each of the pink flower pillows. :) So cute. So girly.
Speaking of girly, wow. If in my previous Posh Nail experience (Megamall Branch), I featured their chandelier... well check out Posh Nails Hand and Foot Spa's Flower Lamp! It's so beautiful. I fell in love with it! I want one! :)

Its beauty isn't just on its details... Check out how it lights up the room!
BEAUTIFUL! Beautiful and spacious. :)
Being at Posh Nails Spa, they say, is like being in your own living room. Instead of salon chairs, you are seated on perfectly cushioned couches and are offered drinks like coffee or iced tea upon salang.

My last Posh Nails visit was a perfect pair to all the hot and humid days we've been recently having in the Philippines. It's one of Posh Nails' themed service called Tutti Frutti.

My take on Tutti Frutti:
Price: 675 (hand) & 675 (feet)
Normally, basic foot spas from salons (not your nail day spas but ordinary hair salons) can range from 250-400. Those basic foot spas are typically just scrub, soak, paddle scrub and pedicure. Not bad, if you don't know what you're missing. I sometimes kagat those salon foot spas and whenever I go back to specialty salons like Posh Nails, I feel so stupid for wasting my money on those so-called foot spas. You might say, hindi naman ganoon kalayo yung dami ng service inclusions, but don't forget that part of a "spa experience" is the ambiance. At 250-400, if you're in a crowded noisy salon, seated (or hardly finding a proper position) on a basic salon chair; then you know you've been SPLURGING.

At just 675, you get scrub (using specialized scrub of your choice), massage, soak, and pedicure (using quality and CLEAN tools and lacquers) while soothed by calm tranquil scores in the background. At 675, you get to sink and really sleep through a relaxing "spa experience". I think that's a STEAL.

Procedures: wash, soak, scrub, massage, grooming... (feel free to include sleep in between! he he)
I liked the Tutti Frutti scrub. When my attendant scooped the watermelon red colored scrub/salt unto my arm, I immediately inhaled the fruity scent, and liked it. I love how it doesn't feel nor smelled like chemical at all. In fact, ingredients are pretty much natural and skin-friendly. (disclaimer though, my nose is not sophisticated enough, it's a pomegranate scrub, upon clarification!)

I felt nabitin though. Probably because I'm used to having body scrubs! ha ha! I felt nabitin that the scrub was only for my arms and legs. :)

Grooming: professional & painless
I am guilty of not taking care of my nails (especially my toes) when busy. When I don't have the time, I just cut my nails short. I do have nail-care products such as my own nail kit and a bunch of signature polishes as well; and I do have nail creams, the works, BUT I don't normally use them! It's a bad habit I am trying my best to grow out of.

So yeah, when I say it's professional and especially, when I say it's painless, you're hearing from someone whose nail grooming probably required construction tools! :p Exagge, but I really really appreciate how Posh Nails made my neglected tips look perfectly cared for! If you're like me, a girl whose fingers and toes just don't seem like they belong to a girl, then go ahead and girlify yourself at Posh Nails. It's a start! :)

Doing the "Posh Nails pose" :)
I love Posh Nails cause they made my really ugly feet look like it belonged to a girl (I have super ugly feet, FYI). Check out my clean perfectly pedicured toes. Thanks Orly. :)
As I have mentioned earlier, at Posh Nails Ali Mall, you shouldn't be surprised to hear children's laughter in the background :) They have this cutesy Kiddie Corner! I was so thrilled to see their kiddie corner because to me, it's so ingenious and just completed the very home-y feeling you get when inside Posh Nails.

Too bad my nails were already being painted at the time when there was a kid who got her pedis prettified! A KID! A kid who is tiny enough to replace and steal that Pink bear's seat... so adorable!

Posh Nails Hand & Foot Spa is for kids too! Check out Posh Nails Hand and Foot Spa Ali Mall branch's Kiddie Corner! Cute noh?
Posh Nails Ali Mall branch appealed to me as the perfect location for a SPA-rty because it's so spacious and I can easily imagine how great it would be to spend some few hours with close girlfriends say for a bridal or baby shower! :)

But pahuhuli ba ang mga kids? Posh Nails offer Kiddy Vanity Packages too! Check out the photo below for more details.

I fear that uploading it may have sacrificed the photo's quality so please do check out for more information or call Posh Nails Ali Mall at 02-7092955 if you'd like to inquire about holding a spa-rty there!

Kids today really know how to party. Wish they had this when I was younger! :)

Posh Nails Hand and Foot Spa is located at Ali Mall Cubao (Phase II), Upper Ground floor. You may schedule or inquire with them through this number: 02-7092955. :) I can't wait to be back! Cubao is such a nostalgic place and to have Posh Nails at Ali Mall, and judging by how extremely comfortable and amiable the staff are, I just can't wait to be back. Hope you'd be there next time Ms. Hasmin! Thank you so much for your sweetness.
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