Light and Pretty-Clean look.

Simple and polished.
I like it when I give my skin time to breathe... because sometimes there are days when you just need the very basics...
Guerlain Les Voilettes Minerals Skin-Fusion Loose Powder in Beige Naturele 03 (Php 2,798)
I love how Guerlain Les Voilettes redefines the saying "a little goes a long way". Would you believe that's all I used to mattify my entire face? I applied the powder lightly unto my skin using the black powder puff that comes with Les Voilettes. At first, I was hesitant because as you know, I am a brush person, but I'm really pleased by how far a little of Les Voilettes can go!

The powder puff didn't waste my loose mineral powder at all. In an instant, as you gently pat the product unto shiny or even wet corners of your face, you will see how effectively the product really blends well with the skin to a matte finish.

I didn't even use concealer.

What I thought to simply be a loose powder, to be used for the sole purpose of mattifying my oily face, served as an all-in-one foundation even! I love what it can do, and has been doing for the many times that I have been road testing the product using different application techniques.

Les Voilettes Minerals Skin-Fusion Powder
conceals imperfections
evens out skin tone
mattifies the face
to achieve the perfectly blended foundation

Actually, as early as now, I'm already bracing myself to the possibility of running out of Les Voilettes, and I can honestly feel my toes curl involuntarily. :s 

Most noticeable "successfully evened out skin tone" area of my face would definitely be my lids. As you can see, it's pretty much clear and healthy-looking... would you believe on a normal basis I would have to use a primer or concealer to even that out. :)

Anyway, notice how my lined "wing" mimics my eyelashes? hm, what's up with that?
  Since I wanted a clean and fresh look for the day, I opted to skip the eyeshadow. Besides, my lids were perfectly fine looking all even and smooth so I figured, that's a great excuse enough to skip putting color on my lids. However, I decided to do my little "lash-lengthening" trick through the use of a light (very light) up-wing stroke at the corner of my eye. :)

I used Guerlain's eyeliner kohl (Php 1,850) for this one. The technique is to make sure that your eyeliner pencil is perfectly sharpened so you're sure your strokes are thing and well-defined. It's easy to do precise strokes with Guerlain's eyeliner because the pencil has such a unique triangle shape which makes holding it up, and controlling it during make-up application, an easy thing to do.

Also, just stay at the outer-corner, follow the angle of how your waterline curves up, and flick that pencil to mimic long side lashes. It's really effective and unlike those usual "Chinese eye-wings" you see, this wing in particular is intentionally made with very light and thin strokes because the goal is to not make your eyes look chinky or a little bit Asian, rather, the goal is to make the wing look like it's actually lash hair. :)

For the lashes, I used Guerlain as well; but for the brows, since this look is best paired with perfectly shaped brows, I used Etude House' Perfect Brow Kit.

Speaking of perfect, I'm sure there are some of you who share my fascination-fixation, but perfectly shaped lips are just as important to me as perfectly framed eyes. :) Since I am wearing a very nude look for the rest of my face, yes, I also skipped the blush, I decided to wear red lips.

Below is a photo of how my lips are lined before the lipstick. It's imperative that you line your lips especially when using lip color that is quite strong, i.e, red. Lining your lips not only shapes your puckers well but it also prevents your lipstick from bleeding to your teeth and even chin! You don't want to begin the day looking all hot just to end it all clowned up right? So make sure you have a lip liner within reach (and color shade) when you decide to go bold with your kissers.

Using lipliner from Kiko Cosmetics, thanks D!

Lips as colored using Guerlain Rouge Le Brillant Lipstick in Betsy shade.

Guerlain's Le Brillant Rouge lipstick line is perfect for summer because it is glossy enough to stand on its own. Shempre when it's summer, you want make-up your make-up to be as light as possible so skipping some steps and layers can really make that "light" make-up doable.

Hey, did you notice how Le Brilliant's shimmering and moisturizing lip color smoothed out my not-so-perfect lips? Amazing!

Don't hide underneath make-up. Shine with it.

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