Love Month Giveaway winners

The love month may be over, but such a lovely season is upon us: SUMMER!

Before all the buzz ( is really gearing up, full speed ahead!), let us take a break and announce winners of our Love Month Giveaway! :) Congratulations ladies! Congratulations for winning and for having such a prize-worthy shot/moment to share. Thank you!

Please email me with your contact details and address for info on prizes. :)

"I'd love to win a date with Piolo Pascual c/o hbc but I already have a valentine Michael De Guzman. :) Here's a photo of us. He's always been supportive especially in my projects in the organization. He's a sweet guy and maybe that's why I can't help but be sweet as well. We've been going strong and this photo was way before we got officially labeled as us. Btw, he's a cool guy and even did this photo art work which he really surprised me with." (most popular entry: over 43 likes!)

"I'd love to win a date with Piolo Pascual c/o hbc but I already have a valentine Elmer Francis Reyes. Here's a photo of us. When I was fat and lonely, he was there beside me. He was the only one who saw through me and inspired me to believe in myself. From the time I met him, I lost 30 pounds of fat but I gained a 150 pound, sweet and loving partner for life." (most creative entry:love the caption) ♥

The Love Month Giveaway is in line with HBC's ongoing promo. Do check out their Facebook Page for more info. :)


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