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I don't know about you but I noticed it and when the climate's like this, I always get skin-conscious. I know, I know, I'm one of the lucky ones who rarely breaks out (though I have oily skin, I'm not prone to break-outs and blemishes like pimple or acne); but that doesn't make me any less attentive of my skin's needs!

The body, as you all should know, is made up of mostly water (like Earth! :p). This should then make it all the more natural that we, skin-concerned chic-tizens, are always on our toes when it comes to hydrating our skin.

Having dry skin is your gateway to aging! Don't let that happen! Let's all pinky swear that we're all going to do our part and make sure that our skin is healthy and nourished always! *pinky swear*

To help you look your most radiant and youthful, here's a royal tip suitable for princesses, indeed. It's another wonderful find from Etude House (I just love Etude House so much, if you can find time, try Etude House and realize for yourself why so many, and I mean, so many are raving about Etude House--from cosmetics to skin care).

Etude House Aqua Cure Hydrating Gel Cream Php648
Why I recommend Aqua Cure Gel Cream:

When it's hot, I commit one grave sin I'm sure you are guilty of at one point of time! When it's hot, I don't moisturize! haha I usually skip the moisturizer or the lotion because no matter how quickly a moisturizer or lotion is absorbed by the skin, mid-day, when the sun is at its highest, it gets sticky all the same! :( So I cheat on my skin care regimen...

then I met Aqua Care Gel Cream...

It comes with a spatula so you don't have to worry about keeping your tub clean.
Don't underestimate its lightweight formula. I did that and I was proven so wrong. :)

Aqua Cure Gel Cream is perfect especially with hot summer days like the days that recently passed. It doesn't leave (at all) a greasy feel, nor does it feel heavy on the skin. Other than easily being absorbed by the skin, it is also so refreshing, applying it on the face simply feels like a refreshing wash. It is cold and has zero-sting formulation, I recommend it to even those who have the most sensitive of all skin types.

Aqua Cure Gel Cream's secret is in the perfect combination of nature's three best-kept fountain of youthful radiance: Alaskan Glacial Water, Grapefruit Water and Alpine Herbs. Aqua Cure Gel Cream not only hydrates the skin with these potent ingredients, but also stimulates and strengthens the skin's barrier from environmental stress. With continued use, your skin would look firmer and more youthful looking.

I really like it's relaxing color. It really reminds me of the beach... which should be where roads end this summer!
Aqua Cure Gel Cream is just one of Etude House' wonderful Aqua Cure skin care line. Later on, I'd be talking about my skin's daily (and afternoon-ly) vitamin...

which also serves as a great mineral make-up primer. For now, I leave you wanting for more. :p

well... with Etude House, there's just a lot to love!

Remember your pinky promises Princesses. :)

-PK- (Princess Kumi)

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  1. I am a huge fan of Asian products. Etude, TFS, Elianto, Kanebo and other Asian brands works well with most of us because their products are formulated specially for Asian skin...that's why there's a lot of reason to love these products. :) Thanks for the review you have any "cons" with this product? I want to know :)


  2. So far, no cons for this product. It is unbelievably wonderful. I love how innocently elegant its packaging is, and i love how it successfully hydrates my skin. Actually, more than hydrating, I love how it REFRESHES my skin. :) I guess the only cons I have for this product is its lack of SPF. But what it lacks in SPF it compensates with its formulation's ability to target and correct, restore and stimulate skin processes to always keep that radiance visible--which in the end, reverses the damages environmental stresses cause. :)

    1. hi!
      Aqua moisture set fan here!
      Can I know where do you girls get this set online?
      Cuz, here in the Philippines its Face-out.
      No more aqua cure here.
      I'm so sad.
      If someone can help me get aqua cure online were one that has good quality products sold online. I would be very happy. THANK YOU!!

    2. Hi! I used to just get from Etude House stores, but yes it is indeed phased out :(

  3. Well this looks like heaven in a pot. I'll check it out the next time I get a chance to. :)


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