Thursday, March 31, 2011

Congratulations in having the confidence to want to be a rockstar! :p

Since you really don't want a major meltdown round your eyes, here's a younger take on your daily jam. Apply a burst of bright hues for your eyes! It's perfect for the season, plus it would definitely make you catch a lot of loving glances. ;;)

Above is Allue Glam Rock's eye-brightening trio with the perfect blend of sunny yellow, youthful green and clear skies blue.

Swatches of the above palette's shades. What do you think?
At first I thought Allue was just a kid's cosmetics line. I thought it couldn't really offer much "pow!" because I thought it's just a "practice" line; but the palette surprised me because when used with a primer (I used Ellana Minerals Eye Primer), the colors stay vibrant all day!

I'm definitely going back to HBC to check out if they have other sets of eyeshadows. I'm considering purple and mauve hues... hm

Apply the green shade all over your lid.
Follow-up with the blue shade. Use a eye crease brush to precisely place the sparkly blue on your crease. Make sure to apply just the right amount of pop to the point that you see a subtle line of your "blues" when your eyes are open.
Finish off by dotting a little bit of sunshine on your inner eye. Blend it towards the greens and blues of your lids.
San San Thick Lash
If you want to really make the most out of your lashes, especially if you're not gifted with doll-like lash hairs... First apply a lengthening mascara on your lashes. Leave it for a while to dry. Follow off with a lash-thickening mascara.

The lengthening mascara would provide the perfect base for your thickening mascara to hold on to. Volume mascaras usually have tricky formulas that tend to clump so starting off with a lash-lengthener would make it easier for you to avoid such make-up boo-boos.
Make your locks rock!

If you don't want to do something "permanent" and drastic, I would recommend washable hair color such as Allue's washable hair spray!

The Neon Pink is soooo awesome! :)
Be your very own cartoon hero. :)

Aqua's Cartoon Heroes song will always remind me of our UAAP Halftime routine! I miss you college! was donning Posh-spice bob with full bangs before! haha


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Candy-Colored Rockstar

Congratulations in having the confidence to want to be a rockstar! :p Since you really don't want a major meltdown round your eyes, ...

Let's zero-in eye popping products!
Most Wearable Eyeshadow Palette: Human Heart Nature Love Minerals Velvet Eyeshadow Palette in Sweet Innocence (As seen in Beauty Bar, but you can also buy from me! Email me now!)

I love the new Sweet Innocence Palette which Human Nature launched just last March 26! I've had my eyes set on this baby ever since I heard wind of its development and ever since I got to try it, I've been smitten.

You've ever been in one of those moments where upon trying something out, you literally, feel like crying? As if you've found The One? That happened when I got hold of my beautiful passionate palette. When I swatched it on my skin, and tried it on my eyes, I felt like crying because the wonder of the product was so overwhelming. So proud that this cosmetic is all-Pinoy!

The eyeshadow is enriched with the goodness of Passion Fruit oil, which in addition to it's all-natural formula, makes the eyeshadow gentle and caring for the skin other than just superficially making your peepers look glamorous!

Speaking of glamorous, don't be surprised if upon trying the product out you end up looking like a pageant queen as Ms.Earth beauties, in cooperation with Ms. Earth Foundation, is fully supporting the advocacy Human Nature is known for. For their Love Minerals line (specifically the lipstick, which is also enriched with Passion Fruit oil), the ComPassion campaign aims to develop a farming community in Davao to support and improve the lives of our Passion Fruit farmers in Mindanao.

Now that's award-winning!

Most Hard-working Eyebrow Palette: Etude House Perfect Brow Kit

To me, the brows are really important as it frames our face's most intimate and personal asset, our eyes. If you have your "framing" all wrong, trust me, you can only expect wrong things to happen elsewhere.

Etude House' Perfect Brow Kit completely satisfied my "wishes" when it comes to what I want to achieve with my brows. Trust me, I don't have the most perfect of brows. I am not an expert in shaping them but whenever I use Perfect Brow Kit, my eyebrows always end up looking professionally done!

In fact, I would have to admit, that the Perfect Brow Kit is the first eyebrow palette that ever made it to my bag! Normally, after doing my brows at home, I don't feel the need to bring products to retouch for the day, but with Perfect Brow Kit, I felt like I have to bring it anywhere I go so if I need to correct someone else's brows, I'm ready.

Oh yeah, here's a girl with a mission!

I know lots of you are also stressing if not neglecting your brows! Naku ladies, don't. Try out Perfect Brow Kit and seriously, watch how your face instantly look unquestionably polished. :)

The kit comes with two mini-applicators: a mini spoolie to comb your brow hairs and a mini double-ended brow brush to apply the brow-shaping powder. All that in one compact palette!


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Beauty Awards: Sweet and Polished

Let's zero-in eye popping products! Most Wearable Eyeshadow Palette: Human Heart Nature Love Minerals Velvet Eyeshadow Palette in S...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Recently, I keep on finding myself surrounded by marriage bliss.

I've been reading articles, of celebrity couple weddings. I've been enjoying said articles even. I've been checking out wedding gowns, with Vera Wang securely at the top spot.

In my defense, I haven't searched for the perfect ring... nor have I ventured into looking for the perfect pair of wedding bands. But I think I know what I want for those jewelries. If I'm to wear them forever, I want those jewelries to pass two things:

1. It doesn't have to be expensive, but it has to be classic enough for my grand daughter to never have a reason to holler, "whoa, what were you thinking?!"
2. It's not yellow gold.
Anyway, I find it completely surreal that I have been under such moon lately. If I continue to allow myself go adrift like this, next thing I know, I'm already devouring wedding magazines like an obssessive b*tch doing laundry.

Every single person I know are either in failing relationships or are enduring the aftershocks/side-effects of a "nearby" failing relationship.

I know not a single happily married soul, or maybe if I do, I don't know that they're happily married. Eitherway, bottomline is I don't know anyone who I can peg as, that. I want to be that.

I know that of all people, I shouldn't be one to talk about the ills of breaking a promise. I myself have my share of promises broken, or worse, forgotten.

I believe in the technicality that a promise is not broken if it faded. For example, if I promise to love you forever, but we end up growing apart, my promise to love you forever was not broken. I believe in the said technicality because I think Change is inevitable but Change does not happen to deliberately challenge promises.

For all it's worth, this is for those who don't get the logic of my technicality, I'd rather have a promise "broken" than to let it persist as a lie.

Promises, when given sincerely, should be taken as they are, in the moment of its sincerity. I know that a huge part of the meaning and value of promises lie in its ability to withstand time, I don't disagree with that, but I still think and would like to insist that promises do not mean any less if they end up shattered to pieces, or if I may still say, fade away.

Despite all this blabber, I still feel sad that I know not a single soul who is happily married. I would love to meet a couple, both with thinning hair, still look at each other with love and compassion as if the years were but minutes apart.

I always thought, still think, I'm not the marrying type. Maybe it's a bit schizophrenic-al of me to require that I meet and get to know married (successfuly, preffered) couples (or people, if their partner's already dead) before I ever decide on marrying. I don't know what you think about this, but I think, if I do get engaged, it'd be a long engagement because I would have to do my research!

Or not, if I'm in a wreckless romance, yet again.

Seriously, I couldn't care less if I get married in a basement, long as I know my literature.

I don't feel the need to be married anyway, so if I were to do something I feel I don't need, yet doesn't feel like a luxury, I want to do it as I am: with an academic approach: critical and thorough.

Recently, I have been surrounded by a lot of marriage-related things, probably by my own doing or by fate's own little conspiracy to make a fool out of me. And I wonder, where are the happy couples?

Before, my tito told me, I have never been in love because I told them that if I were ever to be in a fight with my partner, say in a mall, if I walk out, I walk out.

But I know I have been in love. Because if I haven't yet, I'd love to be convinced with that claim.

It would be nice to know that my heart was just hurt, not taken away.


Perfect for who

Recently, I keep on finding myself surrounded by marriage bliss. I've been reading articles, of celebrity couple weddings. I've b...


Sakura Season in Japan begins...
At risk of sounding completely ignorant of what is going on in the world, in my father's home country specifically, I would like to congratulate Japan for finding time to see (and even celebrate) beauty despite such devastation that had struck their land and their people.

I'm sure a lot of critics from all over the world: media, concerned citizens, families and sadly, spectators, find it wrong that Japan is unsurprisingly tight-lipped about what's really going on. I too believe that the world deserves to know the gravity of the problem that arose from the recent Tsunami and Radiation leak that has been reported to be getting worse day by day not only because the earlier the world gathers as much information, the earlier the world can help, but also because on a very personal level, I can only imagine how devastating it is for people, families especially, to live in the dark not knowing if their loved ones are alright.

Of many things, the feeling of helplessness is extremely a source of heavy distraught.

Naturally, right after such natural calamities such as the tsunami, campaigns on environmental awareness become more rampant.

One hour for future generation's sake, I think that's a huge bargain.

Above is a photo I grabbed online depicting the Earth Hour phenomenon. For areas with high levels of light pollution, the Earth Hour is a feast for stargazers. (Imagine, Singapore)

Just few days ago, Earth Hour was celebrated worldwide once more and it is quite fortunate that a lot of establishments, not just households, participated here in the Philippines. Many criticize this as just a marketing bandwagon, and maybe for some it is, but to me, bandwagon or not, the important thing is there is an increased active participation from both government and non-government sectors in supporting such examples of environmental awareness campaigns.

The end justifies the means, isn't that an applicable thought?

But of course, I do not eliminate the possibility that there are a huge lot of you (of us) who take promoting and advancing environmental concerns as a sincere advocacy. If you are one of the lot, thank you for fighting for the environment. If you're not, I do invite you to join us.

To join us, here are five easy tips for you to start living the "green lifestyle" 


1. Start using Natural and Organic products.

(Why stop there? Do more by starting a part-time or full-time business promoting Natural and Organic products? Check out what I have done, so far!)

Supporting Natural and Organic products care not just for the environment but also for the creatures that live in it (you included!)

It is not a secret that especially in the beauty industry, a lot of the products sold in the market are tested on animals; thus resort to cruelty and abuse. When God created the world and made man stewards of His creation, I believe it is nowhere in the testament that the idea of being "stewards of God's creation" implicated the inclusion of such an abuse of power. Animals have rights too and among their rights is their right to live a free and happy life.

I don't think that for the sake of your skin's purity, animals should suffer. Just the same, I don't think that for the sake of your hair's luster, animals should allow their habitats to be degraded, insistently.

Just recently, the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), an international organization promoting animal rights, just awarded one of the Philippines homegrown brand of natural and organic products their award of "cruelty-free" mark. Human Heart Nature, a line of Philippine made natural and organic hair, body, skin care and cosmetic products which is supported by yours truly, is proud to be a recipient of an internationally recognized mark of true value towards life and nature.

So go green... and be beautiful! :)

Not only are natural products kinder to animals, natural products are also kinder to the environment as it leaves minimal if not zero carbon footprints that is extremely damaging to the over-all health of our beloved Inang Kalikasan.

It is important for you to note that the damge done by using chemical-made products doesn't just end in the manufacturing side of it. Using products that has chemicals also continue its damaging effects after it is used. For example, some chemical-laden soaps and shampoos can damage the soil's health as its chemical contents are absorbed by the soil. Such effects progress to the crippled state of health of plants that depend on the Earth for their life-sustainance.

If Bond girl, Rachel Grant is doing it, you should too! It's fierce and it's for a good cause!

2. Reduce your paper consumption wastage!

I do not dismiss the value in reading the news with an actual newspaper on hand, but can you imagine the amount of paper you do not consume if you take your daily news in e-form?

Imagine, if for 365 days, you do not consume that 20-paged newspaper... how much paper do you save? Although it pains me to say that as I did take Journalism! ah!
Okay, let's change my example...

Imagine, if for 365 days, you do not print out the gazillion-paged research you have saved and downloaded online for that thesis, research paper, or article... how much paper wastage do you avoid?
Ah.. that's better. :)
With my invitation to go green comes my invitation for you to also visit Alter Space! Don't worry, you won't have to cross the boundaries of our atmosphere to accept my invite. All you have to do is have a Facebook account, which I sure do hope you already have by now, and visit the Alter Space application.

An Apple iPad v.2 64gig is up for grabs!
Have fun with the game and get a chance to win wonderful prizes, among of which is an Apple iPad version 2! Alter Space is the 1st Filipino environmental awareness game on Facebook (visit it here).

It's not all fun and games! If you check the site, you would even score lots of tips on how to conserve energy or lower carbon emissions from your appliances, gadgets, and more! Check it out!

3. Be an active eco-E-fluencer!

I believe that there is indeed power in numbers. I don't think the People Power revolution would count as a momentous political event of our country's history if it wasn't supported by thousands of freedom-thinkers brave enough to stand hand-in-hand, face-to-face against armoured cars, military tanks and loaded guns.


(You would need a Google account for this.)

Instead of signing-up to numerous newsletters, you may opt to set-up your own Google Alert instead. This will make sure that you won't be ticked off by SPAM or an overwhelming inbox. :)

I believe that it's best to keep things manageable, than to start grand and fall apart at the height of things.

Strive to cover all the necessary keywords that you think best describes the information you'd like yourself to be provided with. Having your own Google Alert is like setting-up your own newsletter. It is hassle-free and is a great way to remain updated with thousands of newstories from various online trusted sources.

The environmental problems that the world is facing is grave and requires immediate solutions, if we ever plan to succeed in saving the world for future generations to still be able to enjoy.

Modern technology makes it easier to gather information from all over the world regarding advances in environmental projects, events and even laws. There is truth in the saying "Knowledge is power." Take advantage of your digital know-how and keep yourself up-to-date with the latest and the trending movements for the cause! There are a huge amount of eco-ideas out there that can serve as leads to your own environmental project!

Be informed!
Be inspired!
Be inspiring!

If you're a blogger (or if you can adequately command words to convey your heartfelt advocacy), write about your cause! WRITE ABOUT WHAT YOU CAN DO TO SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT! If you're a vlogger, feature your efforts on promoting the green lifestyle on your channel! Tweet your ideas! Make them trend! Make your advocacy available for the rest of the world! E-fluence and find yourself a throng of Earth-loving soldiers fighting for the very same causes that you are sincerely concerned about.

Instead of leaving carbon footprints, leave digital traces on how to improve our environment's current state. :)

4. Speaking of habit... practice a mantra: "Save! Save! Save!"

Whenever you can, in whatever little way, try to save something. I'm sure you also go through a phase where you would like to save the world, and that's cool, that's great, but if you really want to save the world, save it where you can. Don't wait for a certain ideal opportunity. Seize what is close to you, and save it from there!

Think Mulan.

Sometimes, what's stopping us from doing something awesome is our fear of ridicule or isolation. That's cool. That's normal. 

But try to break free from it!

Afraid of sleeping in the dark? Conquer that! Turning off your lights when you sleep is the easiest way of going beyond Earth Hour! For a normally busy schedule, that's at least 4 hours of saved electricity (that'll do your monthly dues well also!) Not to mention, your body will thank you for it because naturally (I learned this in psychology) the body recovers from sleep better when the environment is sleep-propriate (since our bodies are pretty much programmed to recognize day = light, night = dark--yes, even with closed eyes!).

P.S. Put into practice what I'm sure you were taught since grade school: 
-use a glass when brushing your teeth! Don't Never brush your teeth with running water! 
-use a dipper when taking a bath instead of the shower; and minimize use of the toilet flush! Try to use a pail or a dipper in flushing down your sh*t. The toilet flush uses way too much water just to flush down the dirty things. I remember in one of Jim Paeredes' tweets, he shared that in Australia, households normally gather rain water for watering the plants and for toilet "flushing" also! Now there's an idea we can adapt... when it rains!

5. Convert your personal belongings to ads!

It's extremely easy.. Flaunt your cause on your cars! This site has lots of cool and funny bumper stickers... you can buy from them or take inspiration :D Why not, start your own sticker house? (what's up with me, everything spells business to me?! haha)

And if you've got the moneyyyy--convert your car to an eco-friendly vehicle! Be first world!

But if you've got the moneyyy... but not as much hehe 

Discreetly write on your money! DISCREETLY ok or it might become invalid. :) 

Write on your money the link to your website, or write on your money inspiring quotes for the environment! Make your money talk! If money makes the world go round, then it's about time that money should make the world go round, for a cause!

Good luck!


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Alter Space

PLEASE LIKE THIS POST IF YOU LOVE YOUR MOTHER (EARTH)! Sakura Season in Japan begins... At risk of sounding completely ignorant of wh...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I started this blog last January 2010 when I truly felt that I needed to motivate myself to write. Being typically almost always "up-in-the-clouds", I thought it'd be a cool idea if I pretend I were some columnist, with a weekly article due. The mandate was: release an article every Tuesday. For those who don't know, this blog was initially "Choosy Tuesday" instead of -Chase Beautiful Things-.

Take a look at my archives and you'd notice, this blog isn't really a beauty blog. Primarily, this blog is really a personal blog. If you want proof, try typing out www dot kumikomae dot blogspot dot com, and find yourself redirected to the which you are pretty much on now.

My posts were quite personal indeed... but not the type of personal which narrated what I ate or which showed pictures of what I wore, stuff like that. My blogs then were mostly my thoughts, laid out in its most organized manner. You see, when I imagine the things I imagine (isn't that hint enough about how weird I think?) I imagine that my thoughts are nothing but a mess: a mess I try to dig into to find a treasure and a mess I try to dig into, to sometimes, get escape from!

A lot of people say, I think too much. When I take that in, I laugh, then I agree, then I feel worried, then I laugh again; or agree again.

I find it funny that I think too much because there are a lot of occasions when my thoughts aren't really the wisest, yet I continue thinking... too much.

I agree that I think too much because when I really think about it, I do think too much!

I feel worried that I think too much because I think one's head is like any other part of the body. If you overwork it, it'd be worn out (i.e, an ankle or your heart).

And I find it funny again because I think it is great that at risk of losing my mind, I get to think a wise thought here and there.

I can't remember exactly, when this blog turned into this hodge-podge of beautiful things (because I do chase beautiful things),  but I feel that I need to compensate the lack of memory with something else. Something to look forward to perhaps?

My head hurts so bad. I try to look at the point defined by my laptop's webcam and I feel like I'm spinning. I feel so hurt, and at that very pointed edge I think...
so I laugh, though not outloud, still I laugh.

Pain is one of the most ironic things of life. Unlike love, I think it's avoidable, yet we often burn ourselves out either enduring it or understanding (or to understand) it.

It's so ironic because I think, even the most masochistic person would want to do without pain at the very end of time.

Yet isn't it true that pain is a feeling only felt when allowed? Pain requires permission. If it hurts so much, why do we allow it?

I think pain is powerful because of two things: our humanity (which makes us vulnerable one way or another), or our consent (which oftentimes we give out without, ironically, our consent).

They say words stab like knives. To picture my thoughts... Imagine imagining dictionaries.


Think G.I. Jane

I started this blog last January 2010 when I truly felt that I needed to motivate myself to write. Being typically almost always "up...

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Dancers Struck
I have the highest respect for dancers, the serious and dedicated ones at least. No, not simply those who can dance, or has a groove. I'm referring to those who really treat dancing as a craft. I have the highest respect for people who regard dancing as a passionate way of life.

That last time I went to see a ballet was (shamefully) a year ago. I was with my friend Dada with whom I shared complimentary tickets to Ballet Philippines' staging of Swan Lake. It was such an amazing evening, the Swan Princess (or queen) danced so beautifully that at the absence of dialogue, thoughts and emotions echoed against the historical walls of the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

Earlier today, while I was looking through my Twitter Dashboard, I stumbled upon this article and it made me feel two things: (1) I felt that my high regard for professional dancers was all the more emphasized; and (2) I'm so psyched and excited to embark on my Summer 2011 challenge: to try out Plana Forma.

Visit their website at
 Here's a little backgrounder to have you more informed about Plana Forma (and why I'm very happy that it's available in the Philippines! (Many many thanks to Frank and Kristel for introducing Plana Forma to me.)
 In 2010, Plana FORMA™’s Co-Founder and Director for Training Julie Alagde, along with Associate Director for Training Van Manalo and Primary Trainer Celine Encarnacion, underwent intensive training in New York City, to personally study the key principles and techniques behind Physique 57.

Incorporating techniques from Physique 57 into her own experiences with isometrics, yoga, and Pilates, as well as her career as a dancer, Julie has assembled a wholly engaging series of Plana FORMA™ classes custom-tailored for busy city living: Introductory classes for curious first-timers, Open sessions for ongoing enthusiasts, and Advanced workouts for veteran students looking for a serious challenge. Unlike conventional workouts that can become mechanical and tedious with time, Plana FORMA™ constantly challenges students with changing techniques, making no two sessions the same.

Summer will spell out a lot of relaxing weekends spent doing some Plana Forma classes and of course, taking time to enjoy a stroll arond The Fort right after. :)

Plana Forma Studio is at 6th Floor Jecoprime Building 20th Drive Mc.Kinley Business Park, Fort Bonifacio Taguig City.
I look forward to really challenging myself with this new program. The part I'm most excited about is its promise of a different class/challenge every time! I'm sure you know it's quite difficult to stay enthusiastic over something when it starts to feel more of a grind than a groove, so I'm really looking forward to experiencing different challenges through my Plana Forma classes.

It sure sounds fun and flexible, two F words I badly need in my busy-schedule! :p

Damn, I know how challenging that pose is. Hello core muscles, you're in for a shock April-May!
I'll be documenting the experience here so please do stay tuned! If you're not a gym-rat (like me), and you're not as active anymore (or active at all), then I invite you to follow my Plana Forma experience.

Let's see how much we can benefit from these Plana Forma results:
• Increased lung capacity
• Long, lean, and sexy muscles
• A strong, toned and flexible body
• Improved body awareness
• Strong back and improved posture
• Increased bone density
• A firmer seat

What a pretty studio. So excited to meet you.

Hey, if you'd like to join me in my experience, call Plana Forma now! (02-5530870) 

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Like this post if you yourself are taking on a Summer Challenge of your own... then comment below with what that is. I'd love to know. :)

Summer Challenge 2011: wear those Plana Forma socks

Please like this post if you love dancing, or dancers :) Dancers Struck I have the highest respect for dancers, the serious and dedic...

I love sunflowers. That's one of the cards I lay down. Sunflowers are, me.

Last month (wow, was it realy just last month?! It feels so long ago!), I received a surprise gift! It was funny actually, because I was waiting for my online orders to arrive so technically, I was expecting a package, but I wasn't expecting to receive a gift! At first I was worried because when I saw that the pack contained a book, I'm like... "uh-oh" missent package. But when I saw the Sunflower image, I knew it was for me! And it was!

Frankly, I didn't like the book because it's too simple. If you have read through the books I have listed so far, and if you would judge the way I would comment or simply, judge my comments, you should notice that I particularly like complicated reads. Not that I'm too smart to appreciate simple stories, but rather, I want to be smart so much that I always try to feed my head with perplexing thoughts and motives. I want to be a character so confusing, each door you take would lead back to me. :)

However, what I didn't fint in between the words, I found right above the surface. The Sunflower is so simple, but the exposition right at the beginning was really moving... so instead of putting it down, I continued reading on (clue: think Dr. House, only with a heart).

I also found irresistible relatability in The Sunflower's simplicity. Although I cannot fully relate to the protagonist's point of view, there were very little details about her that reminds me of me: such as her love of sunflowers.

But among the few things I find remarkable about The Sunflower's simplicity, the best that I can't let myself forget sharing would have to be the way it used sunflowers as a metaphor of hope. I truly appreciate this because like many sunflower-lovers, el girasol is nature's reminder that things do get better.

I would recommend The Sunflower to anyone who would like to be cradled with very subtle pleasant thoughts.

Here are some quotes I took note of while reading the novel. I hope these quotes make you smile, if not make you interested in picking up a copy of The Sunflower. (Pick a copy, not a flower!) :)

Seek not your destiny for it is seeking you.

Love is never convenient--and rarely painless.

This is my favorite:
Absence is to love what wind is to fire--it extinguishes the small and inflames the great.



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Book to Basics #29 The Sunflower by Richard Paul Evans

I love sunflowers. That's one of the cards I lay down. Sunflowers are, me. Last month (wow, was it realy just last month?! It feels...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I had an afternoon to spare and I had nothing better to do (or no other better idea available) than to read a book. Who was I to argue anyway? I love books. I'll be stuck at Starbucks for hours waiting for my sister. It isn't rocket science.

I brought with me two of the chic-lits I had lying around that I have yet opened. I usually have books like these waiting for rare opportunities to lollygag such as that day when surprisingly, I decided to give myself an afternoon to do nothing (stressful).

I chose to read Table for Two by Marla Miniano and Girl Meets World by Claire Betita de Guzman. Here, let me talk about Table for Two.

The Question: Where will love find you? My answer: Love will find me where there are sunflowers. :)
As always, chic-lits are what Lifestyle Network shows are to me. Fascinating, sensible, entertaining, but not as relatable. Nonetheless, they do serve the purpose of the aforementioned qualities and I appreciate chic-lits for that. Sometimes I do want to curl up with a book that will not make me cry or question my thoughts or principles about life and all the other important matters related to life. Chic-lits are comforting and are nostalgic because whenever I read chic-lits, I always end up reminiscing. I always bring myself to a place where I am younger and I am easier to please.

Usually, I look back on a version of me that I think will best appreciate the chic-lit I am reading/have read. When I read Table for Two, I can't help but wish I was back in college... giddy, inspired, emotional, vulnerable, gullible, and rich! haha I couldn't resist looking back on the days when all roads led to Starbucks. :)

Table for Two is great for newly graduates, specifically why I thought of sharing it now too. I would love to take the role of an older person and say, "I've been there, so I know how it feels." that's why after closing Table for Two, I nod with a pleasant smile knowing that somewhere someone who is holding a very young yet excited heart is going through something so familiar yet quite far out of sight already.

Ooh, with that said, I think Table for Two is also a book for people like me who find comfort in looking back, in retracing the steps and in regretting the mistakes and in celebrating the "well-orchestrated" events that took place between the version that can relate and the version that is estranged. :)

As the book says, everything is fleeting, I agree, but what matters the most are the decisions we make to seize our days--whichever part of it we choose to seize, and whichever part if it, we miss.

Table for Two (Php 150) is available at Fully Booked. For inquiries, visit their website here.



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Book to Basics #28 Table for Two by Marla Miniano

I had an afternoon to spare and I had nothing better to do (or no other better idea available) than to read a book. Who was I to argue any...

High-end cosmetics are fun. They offer a wider range of colors, textures and finishes that unfortunately, low-end products can't provide. High-end products are also much much safer and more often than not, provide added skin care or protection compared to their cheaper counterparts... BUT don't get me wrong here. There are a lot of high end products that are expensive just because of the name. And not because cheaper products are made more affordable, it means they can't give you a little bit of make-up bliss.

Few days ago I was feeling under the weather and decided to scour the mall for some affordable make-up goodies that I can share with my readers. Some of you do ask me for recommendations and I do understand that the budget is sometimes limited. I also understand that when just starting out, it's not easy to shell out Php 2,500 just for a slab of gorgeous lip coloring products.

So this. I hope you enjoy what I have to share below! :)
Ever Bilena matte lipsticks on sale. Php 99 from P139 ? I don't know. Sale is until April-ish.

Farthest left is Scarlet. It is the brightest red of the collection and it is quite a striking color to wear so do wear it with flair and confidence should you decide to try it out. It's an orange red finish, so best pair it with bright, clear and matte complexion. :) Other two are earth-toned shades which I do prefer using when the lipstick is the matte-finish type. I love using earthy matte lipsticks because the lack of sheen makes the "natural" or "nude" effect dramatic, instead of dull. The one in the middle is Mauvey while the other is Skin. :) SWATCHES BELOW.

Mini-sized lip colors from Fashion 21's counter. It's just Php 25 each, like crazy! I chose these colors because they represent my preferred lip colors this season: orange, bright pinks and nudes.

Don't be surprised! I know one of the lipsticks look like a dull lilac shade but when applied on the lips, it's a semi-bright pink finish. SWATCHES BELOW.

THE BESTEST CHEAP FIND EVER. I'm planning on buying the pink one again cause my sister got my tube. No problem, it's just Php 60 each! I love this line of lip gloss because it smells so great and it's so pigmented and not sticky that it leaves a "lipstick"-like finish rather than just a gloss.

Wearing the pink gloss from Careline. See what I mean by "lipstick-like"?

I also got this Magic lipstick from Ever Bilena. Natuwa ako kasi they had so many colors and because it says "magic" haha! Initially, I was supposed to get all but I didn't like the other scents and the finish are mostly similar (it leaves this really smooth lip stain effect on the lips, super long wearing!), I only got the lemon variand. My sister says it smells like banyo. haha! I say it smells like FRUTOS!

Php 75 only

This is one of my super favorite lipsticks as of the moment. It's also by Fashion 21 but it's a full-sized lipstick so it's Php 50 (previous Fashion 21 lip color mentioned was a mini or travel sized version so I guess that's why it's half the price).

I love this so much because the color, when you apply it, is pretty much the color you see on it when unswatched. Since orange lips is such an in thing this season, I am so fond of this lip find! This lipstick, if I remember it right, is letter H. SWATCHES BELOW

Fashion 21 lipstick topped with Careline lip gloss. Crazy pigmented right?! (the contrast is highly emphasized on this photo because of the camera flash, but on ambient light, it's pretty much the same! Try it for yourself!)

Other than orange lips, you must've heard wind of my "Barbie pink lips" fascination lately. Here I am sporting pale pink lips. So nice! I am using Etude House Lucid Darling lipstick in PK002 (Php 478 ?) 

Etude House Lucid Darling lipsticks have such a pretty case. It looks like wind-blown glass art sculptures!

Because our lips are naturally pigmented (rosy red for the lucky ones while a darker brown or red for those who are not as fortunate), it is recommended to neutralize the color of our lips to achieve the best shade out of the lipsticks we'd use. Especially for very bright or pale shades, it's best to really start with a good foundation... even for the lips! I know some use powder or the same concealer they use on the face, but for those who are "choosy", it's great pleasure to share with you that Etude House carries this wonderful lip concealer (Php 299 ?) that leaves a very nice and even nude coverage on the lips making it easier to really achieve great heights on lippie looks.

I used the said concealer prior Lucid Darling to achieve the pink lips I shared above. Impressed much? :)

Here's my most updated swatched collection of lipsticks. I wrote the names of the lipsticks on a post-its, but I can't find them anymore so I'm sorry that I can't properly caption this, like I intended to... :(

But for the sake of counting, I'll upload it just the same. If you're intrigued by any of the swatches, please leave a comment and I'll try my best to figure out which lipstick corresponds to the shade you like so you can go about and sport the same color too!

10. Mauvey
11. Scarlet
12. Skin

Nos. 6, 7 AND 8 ARE SWATCHES OF THE FASHION 21 MINI-LIPSTICKS.  :) Which is which is pretty obvious naman right? :)

xxx KISSES xxx


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High-end cosmetics are fun. They offer a wider range of colors, textures and finishes that unfortunately, low-end products can't provid...

As a child, I read the thickest books (not to mention, old!) on Greek mythology! I am just at awe by how the gods and godesses are described so beautifully that the (then) human race can't help but worship them!

Mythical beauty should each be our peg all year round!

Gifts of Summer. Thank you very much Sigrid and Anj. You're right, Guerlain Meteorites Perles is magical!
Here's an idea, welcome the sun with a magical iridiscent glow that is sure to make people wonder what your secret is.
Guerlain Meteories Perles (Php 2,998) is available at Rustans Shangri-la and Makati.
To those who have been following me on my Facebook page, maybe you have heard wind of my excitement over an invitation to write for an international website. Since then, I have set my gears on double hardworking mode to find great products, items, places, ideas, concepts, technologies out there so I can, as always, come up with fun, approachable yet informative articles on beauty and life (which is well, beautiful!).

Among my recent discoveries is Meteorites Perles by Guerlain. Many of you must know Guerlain first and foremost for their fragrance and skin care lines; but to those who are not so familiar, I'm here to share with you what you must stop missing out on!

Bring the luxury Guerlain fragrances is known for and combine it with the upscale technology of their skin care ranges and you have Meteorites Perles. It's an out of this world cosmetic because it reigns supreme in multi-tasking. As the title of this post suggests, Meteorites Perles is a (1)correcting, (2)unifying and (3)illuminating powder in one.

Here's a close-up shot of Meteorites Perles. The secret to the illuminating pure radiance achieved by Guerlian Meteorites Perles is in the combination of three different "pearls" or powder beads, each of which performs the tasks at hand for that "magical glow" which is to correct, to unify and to illuminate the skin. (Featured photo is Meteorites Perles in 03 Teint Dore)
 Meteorites Perles takes flight from the science of which is hidden between the different rays that comprises white light. To mimic that radiant glow on your skin, Meteorites Perles brings to a perfect blend all the powder, sheen, and glow you need to achieve that enviable radiance; so don't be surprised to see purple and green beads on your case.

These powders, as it touches the skin, leaves a kiss of luminescence that is great especially in the summer! It is very light on the skin; likewise, because it is in powder beads form, it is a mistake-proof cosmetic product. No need to worry about over-application and cakey skin as the sun goes up. The light-reflecting properties of the perfectly unified perles will only make your skin look healthy and glamorous.

Beauty and luxury in a (similarly, luxurious) box.
 My recommendation is to use Meteorites Perles as simply a sheer powder for days when you'd rather skip make-up. It will help boost your natural dewy skin into an unquestionable face covered with glimmer (Meteorites Perles leave a very light hint of shimmer on the skin that comes as irresistible when seen up-close.)

For a more sophisticated "natural look", use a light beige eyeshadow on your lids. It will help even out your skin tone around the eyes, which for some comes as a little bit darker compared to other areas of the face. For to create a subtle depth, for people with bulging eyes, lightly tap a golden bronze eyeshadow just below your brow bone. This will create a shadow that will make your eyes recede a little.

When the sun's all up and blazing, it's always great to have a handy palette that can give you the two hottest looks for sunshine bellas: the polished bronzed eye for the day events and the earth-toned glamour for the evening dates.
 You'd also be pleased to know that Meteorites Perles works as a great finishing powder as well! After you have completed your eye and face make-up, sweep a layer of Perles and smile. You can never go wrong with the combination of shimmer and a bright smile. :)

Be mythical and beautiful everyday! Good luck!


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Guerlain Meteorites Perles: correcting, unifying & illuminating powder-in-one

As a child, I read the thickest books (not to mention, old!) on Greek mythology! I am just at awe by how the gods and godesses are describe...


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