New and Improved Sample Room VIP Membership!

Hello Sunshine! While October is an overwhelmingly exciting month for me because it's my birth month, it's also very exciting for the fact that it's also Sample Room's birth month too! That's why this month, our Sample Room soul sisters are launching something extra special to make trying before you buy more exciting for all!

Introducing the new-and-improved Sample Room VIP membership system! Continue reading to learn more about this!

Previously, Sample Room's VIP membership gives you 1,000 free points that can be used for two months to avail of premium samples, for just 699php. This October, Sample Room ups the amp to give its VIP members an absolute treat! For P 799.00, aside from the 1,000 free points, VIP members also get a surprise goodie package every time they sign up for VIP membership.

Oooohhhhh pretty box!

How Sample Room VIP membership works 

VIP Membership with Sample Room gives you the freedom to choose any sample you want, and to be able to avail our exclusive, limited premium samples. When you apply for a Sample Room VIP membership, you get 1,000 free points reusable within two months for only P799.00. Likewise, you get samples with a total value of more than P799 value every month by simply availing our sample selections!

With Sample Room's new and improved VIP membership, aside from having the freedom to grab all types of samples in our website, you get a surprise package, that is shipped to you for free every time when you sign up and renew for your VIP membership. Be surprised and delighted with a carefully curated package just because Sample Room wants to give you the best sampling experience!

For more information, visit the Sample Room website. Also, do check out my Sample Room features!

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