#GugoStrong Hair Secret

Hello Sunshine! You should know by now that I love natural and organic beauty products. Because of that, I always strive to find natural and organic alternatives to my everyday beauty needs. Today, I'm happy to talk about the newest from Zenutrients, that's their Gugo Strengthening Hair Serum*.
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Sleeping is the hardest

Hello Sunshine! Late night thoughts. I'm finding it hard to sleep again, which I suppose would be good for the workaholic side of me. I'm thinking, maybe I should work on finding more songs to listen to, new untainted songs. I just have to find my preferred starting point and let myself be sucked into some sort of vortex.

My Blonde Ambition - VMA Style

Hello Sunshine! Today I satisfy my urge to go blonde with a round-up of my favorite blondies. To make this post a little bit more timely, I rounded up statement styles from the VMA red carpet! Enjoy!

Check out Blonde Ambition through the years
by Kumiko Mae at Mode

Lace Wedding Dress Love

Hello Sunshine! I have another list of wedding stuff to share, and my focus for today's post would be lace wedding dresses online. I love looking for mini-dresses with lace details online because I feel like such design is versatile and practical to invest on. You can of course use these mini-dresses for a wedding, but they are also good for garden galas, some formal events, and more. Here are today's picks to give you some dress inspiration as well.

Online Catalogue Shopping and Credit Application

Hello Sunshine! Do you love online shopping? Because I do. I love the whole feeling of browsing online. Sometimes, when I find it hard to fall asleep, I'd be on my phone just scrolling down tons of items ranging from beauty to fashion. It's kinda my stress reliever too. There are many ways to enjoy the perks of online shopping. Today, I will talk about online catalogue shopping! Basically this type of online shopping experience takes browsing catalogues to the digital world. I discovered it through catalogues247.co.uk!

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