GIVEAWAY: Busy Days Deserve #LUXnights

Hello Sunshine! I just love being busy. I love being preoccupied with things, passion and work alike. Although I must admit, there are time when I get too busy I just shut down. Like, OK I’m so stressed, I need to stop. But that was before.


Hello Sunshine! Yes, I'm alive! I haven't blogged as usual, and as normally as I'd hoped, but don't worry. I'm alive! And today I'm back to share this video I saw on Mode, and thought is worth sharing. It's about Claire and Jim, a transgender couple.
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"I can't change the fact that this is how I feel inside. I'm a human being, and I've fallen in love with another human being."

KUMI'S MIND: On Cheating

Hello Sunshine! Past few days, all I’ve been doing was enjoy my newly minted Spotify Premium subscription. I know, it’s so babaw but I’m a big big cheapster and if there’s anything I can get for free, why not? Like, so what if there are ads? I don’t mind.
This is a photo taken by one of my team babies. I love this picture so much because hardly does anyone capture my happiest in a photo...

Yoins Shopping

Hello Sunshine! How's the Christmas chill treating you? Me, I've been hiding under the blanket longer than the usual because it's FAR TOO COLD than I can handle. I also have been having more coffee than usual, because cold and Starbucks stickers! haha
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Online beauty shopping with

Hello Sunshine! How's your holiday shopping? Me, I'm done! As usual, I kinda went overboard, but it's okay because 'tis the season of giving! How did I manage to finish so soon? Efficient holiday shopping by combining offline and online efforts! The best part, for the latter kind, I took the time to take advantage of discounts and coupons. Now, if you want to do the same, you can try searching beauty shopping with Lazada Philippines or searching beauty deals at Ensogo.

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