Sunday, August 31, 2014

Burt's Bees, a beautiful heritage

Hello Sunshine! If given an option, I will always go back to the basics and choose more naturally formulated beauty products at any given day. In an age where the modern Filipina is expected to balance (and overcome) the challenges of a manic workplace, the role of a good daughter, and keeping a household (as a wife, as a mother, or a breadwinner), my skin’s health is something I would like to keep in good shape through gentle choices. For this reason, the kinder the skincare, the better of a choice it is for me.

This is where THE bees come in. For 30 years now, Burt’s Bees has been the pioneer for natural skincare and boasts of a simple yet powerful heritage: all-natural ingredients straight from the source: nature. How can this not be good for you, right?

I discovered Burt's Bees through their pomegranate rejuvenating lip balm. It was the yummiest lip balm I've ever tried. It was effective but still sweet to use everyday. Since then, whenever I need a lip balm to heal my cracked lips, I will reach for a Burt's Bees lip balm.

But what is Burt’s Bees all about? I’m here to sum it up in three important pillars of natural beauty, the Burt’s Bees way. Continue reading to learn more about Burt's Bees!

Zoya Pixie Dust in London

Hello Sunshine! Are you a fan of glitter polish but hate how they're not very office friendly? Relax. The solution to that dilemma is Zoya Pixie Dust! This professional lacquer has all the shimmer any glitter lover would want... but is elegant enough to offer glam!

(LEFT: Dahlia, click the photo to see swatches. RIGHT: London*, continue reading to see swatches)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Zoya Pixie Dust in Dahlia

Hello Sunshine! When I think of black nail polish, I think gothic. But since I met Zoya Pixie Dust in Dahlia, I now imagine glamourous when someone says black nail polish! Zoya Pixe Dust is a textured vegan nail polish that is perfectly safe to use. It is free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP and camphor so your nails stay healthy while getting prettified! 

Zoya Pixie Dust is really interesting to wear because of the grainy effect it leaves as a surface. Personally, I prefer not wearing top coat when using my Zoya Pixie Dust polishes. This way, my #NOTD feels and looks more peculiar than usual.

For more nail photos or swatches of Zoya Pixie Dust in Dahlia, read after the jump!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Happy Skin Shut Up and Kiss Me in Playing Footsie

Hello Sunnies! I just want to declare my love for this new Happy Skin Shut Up and Kiss Me shade. It's the one I've been posting a lot about, the lippie in the shade Playing Footsie. Beauty Blogger or not, this is the bright fuchsia pink that is perfect for Filipinas!

Baby, my heart is yours...

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Repetto Fragrance, a delicate dance

Hello Sunshine! Let's take a moment of grace and truly absorb what it means to live elegantly. To do so, I'd like to share with you my experience of Repetto's first-ever fragrance, an embodiment of a prima-ballerina's passion, grace, delicate movements, and strength.

If you love sweet yet seductive fragrances that are perfect for the day and night, you'd love Repetto fragrance*.