Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Happy Skin Shut Up and Kiss Me Valentine Kiss Review

Hello Sunshine! Finding the perfect shade of pink when you're not exactly blessed with barbie cream skin could be quite a feat! I attest to that because for years have I searched for a pink that will not make me look drag, gray out my skin, clash with my hair, and many more. So imagine my delight when I discovered Happy Skin Shut Up and Kiss Me in Valentine Kiss* (Php 549). It was indeed a Valentine lippie, true love sparked.
Totes relate? Continue reading to see how a Happy Skin's Valentine Kiss changed the way I see pink lipsticks.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Different Ways of using Alcohol for Every Day Life!

Hello Sunshine! Here's a little trivia. I joke that I'm the kaladkarin friend! I try to say yes to impromptu eklavu more than planned trips. So if there's one thing I just have to have in my bag, it's trusted Hygienix*. I discovered Hygienix through SampleRoom, and since I've gotten a batch of their entire range (I presume), I realized how their alcohol is the alcohol to have. Maybe by now you're thinking, how much talk can one person have about ethyl alcohol? Well, here's where my obsessive nature kicks in.

Before, I base my sanitizer or alcohol choices based on scents. I wanted them to be fruity or floral! Now, I realized I prefer the more antiseptic feel to my sanitizer or alcohol. It makes me feel cleaner!

Using alcohol for every day can be very extensive! Continue reading to check out my list!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

What should a woman wear to a casino?

Hello Sunshine! Today, I want to take a moment and channel in my inner high roller... Few days ago, while riding a cab on my way home, and as we passed by the strip of luxury casino-malls nearby, the driver asked me, "Do you go play in a casino?" When he asked me this, I realized how much I don't! It's because I'm always intimidated by how I've seen people dress up for game night. And it seems rightfully true, that however we perceive a place affects how we dress up for it. If a place feels fancy, then we bling up and wear our class A game! But if it's a regular venue, I think going for the most casual look is pretty normal and even encouraged.

Often the perceptions we have of certain places is formed largely by the media. Television and movies provide visual portrayals that often become embedded in our minds especially when we haven’t experienced a certain place on our own. This is definitely true in regards to casinos.

But for those who have never been to a land based venue (the actual casino), frequenting online establishments such as JackpotCity.org feels like a completely different experience. If you're just after the game and excitement, you wouldn't have to get all dressed up just to play. Many movies like to aggrandize the status of people who visit the casino at night through "casino fashion". In the movies, this mostly consist of tuxedos, cocktail dresses, and even gowns. However, this perception is quite off as today’s casinos prefer a more casual dress code, one known as smart casual. So continue reading to get some tips on what to wear in a casino, smart casual style.

When an event or venue calls for a smart casual outfit, I rejoice because this means I can go from work to party mode in a jiffy! All I have to do is change my accessories, bag, and shoes and I'm smart casual-approved!

Friday, July 18, 2014

ZA Cosmetics Total Hydration UV White BB Cream Review

Hello Sunshine! Are you looking for a BB cream product that will not break the budget and your skin (important!)? Well, here's my recommendation, the ZA Cosmetics Total Hydration UV White BB Cream(Php 450)! It may seem like a tiny tube of product, but it is packed with everything you can ask of a BB cream. And quite frankly, I like that it's in a tiny squeeze tube because it makes it easier for me to carry it around in my kikay kit or travels.

The best part? If you're new to the whole BB cream idea, then you won't fear investing in this baby because it's reasonable served in a just right package, unlike other BB creams which stand tall in bottles and may be an unworthy investment especially if your skin has a tendency to be choosy with makeup.

Not because it's the rainy season, you'd skimp on the sunblock. As long as you're exposed to UV rays (outdoors or indoors), you have to protect your skin with the right coverage. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Join Mom's Awesome Contest, Win Awesome Prizes

Hello Sunshine! Every day is a perfect day to say thank you to our moms! As the saying goes, once you become a mom, you don’t take a break. You are always a mom, no matter the weather or season. So how about a chance to say thank you by winning them Php5,000 or Php25,000 worth of groceries, appliances and more treats!

Simply enter the Mom’s Awesome Contest and refer 2 other friends to join.

With my mom!

Make sure you mom knows she’s the best. Together with CheeseAnything, let’s begin a nationwide appreciation of all moms in the Philippines with Mom’s Awesome Contest!