Sunday, March 1, 2015

15k Beauty Giveaway

Hello Sunshine! So I got to tease you guys about my love love love giveaway. This features my glorified makeup cleansing wipes of choice--kasi super effective and affordable too--the Nivea Facial Cleansing Wipes. It's perfect for those who are masipag mag-inarte but sometimes tamad mag-remove ng makeup! You know who you are!

Beauty Tips: 5 Steps to a Fresh Face

Hello Sunshine! Do you ever go through days make-up free only to realize that gasp, you have a special evening to prepare for? I go through days like that. When I get so busy at work, I would forget that I have a beauty event at night and I'd be so frantic because I wouldn't look worthy to be called a "beauty blogger" after a whole day of hustlin'! Now you might be thinking, how hard is it to beauty up, right? Well, for me it's a bit complicated. See... I don't feel comfortable applying makeup on a dirty face. I always prefer applying makeup on a clean canvass--best because this way I know my application would be even and would sit perfectly on my skin. So whenever this type of forgot-my-schedule mishap happens, I'd use my new-found favorite skincare item, the Nivea Facial Wipes.

January 2015 BDJ Box - Kawaii Special

Hello Sunshine! I missed posting about the special edition January 2015 BDJ Box* that I got last January (and I only realized now that this has been in my drafts for weeks!!!). But that doesn't stop me from sharing with you the contents of the unique and pretty cute kawaii curated beauty box! It was in a larger than usual box, and was loaded with full-sized products from Bifesta, Lucido-L, Pixy, Sunkiller and more!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Copper Chic meets True Toffee

Hello Sunshine! Lately, I've been pretty surprised with my makeup choices. You see, I'm hardly the nudes girl, but as of late, I've been going through a bunch of more natural shades for my eyes (and sometimes lips), which brings me to consider, am I getting old?  Or... I don't know, maybe I just found myself a really pretty neutrals palette that satisfied my shimmer love and the more mature side of me. I mean, look at below's swatch!
Maybelline Eyeshadow Copper Chic

Saturday, February 14, 2015

This Shade of Grey

Hello Sunshine! It's February 14, and I can hear the pyro-music festival here in our veranda. I thought there was thunder, turned out it was just the pyrotechniques making a havoc in the atmosphere! I'm listening to a lot of Katy Perry songs on Spotify--which I surrendered to and downloaded on my laptop--and best of all, I'm enjoying the cool breeze touching my skin. It's a pretty cool evening. I'm looking forward to seeing my sister so I can call it a night. We haven't seen each other for a week. My sister, who re-ignited my love for nail polish well-deserves a dedication in today's post. This nail polish combo is for her, a quiet soul with a secret sparkle! Today, I partnered a light asphalt gray polish with possibly my favorite glitter polish as of the moment, Girl Stuff's Oopsie Daisies.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A hint of Hope and a dash of Gold

Hello Sunshine! So... Valentine's day is just around the corner. How do you feel about that? Because I dread Valentine's day. I feel like there's so much pressure placed on this one day of "love". The idealistic side of me would argue--love should be an every day thing; but you know, I've had my share of movies and on this day, a recognizable percent of me is hoping for something magical too.

So this Valentine's 2015, I'd like to declare that I am... hopeful! Hope is such a beautiful thing. Hope keeps you positive. Hope keeps you moving towards a dream. Hope, if it were a nail polish, would truly look like this Girl Stuff number.
girl stuff nail polish hope
girl stuff nail polish hope

4 Backless Wedding Dresses to Love

Hello Sunshine! I was having lunch with my office mates earlier today when I heard through the grape vine that someone's proposing to someone! (I don't know if it's wise to write about that here... but since I don't know the girl, I assume it's safe to.) So anyway, that news totally placed me in a bridalup mood--so naturally, I'm now looking for unique wedding dresses for inspiration. Whenever I browse the internet to canvass stuff, I try to do so with a budget; so for this round of window shopping I am looking for unique wedding dresses under 200. My best picks are backless wedding dresses so keep on reading!
unique wedding dress

Monday, February 9, 2015

Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Shock

Hello Sunshine! Growing tired of seeing red this love month? Then go for an electric pink. You don't have to worry about looking to out there. Maybelline tinted baby lips lip balm in pink shock delivers just the right amount of color to help you take this electric neon shade more wearable.
 photo babylipslipbalmpinkshocktopbeautybloggerphilippineslovingsunshinekumikomae_zps04eda1ca.jpg
 photo babylipslipbalmpinkshocktopbeautybloggerphilippineslovingsunshinekumikomae2_zps1db0f349.jpg