Be kind especially when it's hard

Hello Sunshine! This week has been crazy. Been trying to catch up with news from the motherland and it's so hard. I can't keep track, and for the few updates I try to absorb, well those stories just leave me feeling hopeless. I can't believe what's happening. The amount of evil running through the veins of some our so-called leaders, it's unfathomable. God bless us.

Be kind

That's my mantra. For as long as I could remember, I always try to remind myself to choose kindness over anything. I'm not perfect, and sometimes or should I say often fail, but I do my best to follow through with kindness. I think kindness is the best choice out there. More than choosing what is good or what is right. I think it's always best to choose to be kind. Here are my reasons why...

1. It all adds up

No matter how big or small your show of kindness, it all adds up--and the best part, I think one can't really ever be too kind. I think people underestimate how much they need kindness, and because this is our bad habit, we don't normally go out asking for kindness, so we don't normally end up receiving the kindness we deserve. So when you do practice kindness, don't de-value your efforts. It all adds up, big or small.

2. It doesn't hurt anyone

I can't think of an example of kindness that can cause pain. Those who live with kindness are naturally guided by a healing hand, more than a hurtful one. And those who do receive kindness, in return, get comfort at the very least. 

3. It nourishes your soul

Selfish as it may sound, being kind also helps you, sometimes even more than the person you practiced kindness towards. In times of darkness, especially when it's hardest, kindness is a two-way road to healing. It truly nourishes the soul and allows growth and light in. It's an amazing feeling to get so much in return, when you only wanted to pay it forward as well.

4. It feels good

Naturally, when you do good, you feel good. When you nourish your soul, it feels amazing. It takes so many forms: fulfilment, grace, contentment, true happiness, love.

5. It inspires more kindness

But above all reasons, what's so great about being kind is that it multiplies. Kindness inspires more kindness. During this time of pandemic, when everyone is surrounded by so much anxiety about one's work, business, or even personal life, making kindness viral is key. Pun aside, kindness inspires more kindness and in a time when those who we expected to protect our welfare abuses their power instead, when those who were supposed to lead and ensure the safety of their people end up disappointing in every step of the way, I think kindness is the forgotten cure.