How to Use the Caudalie Beauty Elixir

Hello Sunshine! Surprising to wake up to first of July, meaning we've been through half of 2020 and I bet with everything that's happening, you'd wish for the powers to just cancel this year. To lighten the mood, I want to quickly share that I just finished my bottle of Limited Edition Caudalie Beauty Elixir (the pink one) and more than the skin benefits it claims, this product--in the most literal sense--has given me a burst of happiness especially during dragging work from home days. 
Now, I'm currently going through the original formulation (the green one) and in comparison, I think I like the pink one more! I hate that it's limited edition, but at least I managed to try it out. Reason being, the pink one has a punchier minty sensation, which I truly enjoy. The tingling feeling sometimes borderlines "painful" but I like it haha I use this product to wake me up when work is putting me down. It re-energised not just my skin, but my overall vibe, really. On a more practical sense of the product, I also use this before any video call. Maybe it's psychological, but I feel more of a go-getter right after a spritz. 

How to use Caudalie Beauty Elixir

This are how I use my elixir, keep my skincare routine fresh!

1. Use as a toner to start my skincare routine

I don't always do this though. I have a regular toner that I use, but when I do use the elixir, I use it first and wait for the elixir to dry.

2. Use as a face mist to prep my skin before applying makeup

I would recommend do this for when you won't use a silicone primer (or any primer really) as I feel it's prone to being messy if you do mix up. I also ensure the elixir is dry before I proceed to next step, if next step is powder based. If next step is liquid, it generally works alright.

3. Use as a face mist anytime of the day - to perk up my skin 

Think this is my favorite use for the Caudalie Beauty Elixir! It's such a no-brainer choice!

4. Use as a sponge prep

A bit wasteful if you ask me because as much as possible I want every drop of my elixir to land on my skin haha but for some magic reason, when I use the elixir to wet my beauty blender, it just applies makeup better!

5. Use as makeup setting spray

Especially for when I'm under layers of makeup, I love using the Caudalie Beauty Elixir as a setting spray because it helps lock things down. 

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