Celebrate Life's Little Wins

Hello Sunshine! Today I want to celebrate the little wins. We're now half-way through 2019 and I think it's important to look for the good, find inspiration for a better balance year. I don't know about you, but I believe life's default is for it to be difficult, or challenging at the very least. And sometimes it's easy to sink into the pain and worry--trust me, giving up can be oh-so-tempting sometimes--but we carry on. I think it's always about taking little steps to better. So today, I want to celebrate the small wins. I want to give myself a pat in the back and perhaps even a good job.
Happy pride too!

I started wearing sunblock

You'd think blogging about beauty, I'd have at minimum, the decency to use sunblock. But no... it has been a struggle to get here. Every now and then, I will psyche myself and say I'd be disciplined, I'd use sunscreen everyday. But every single time, I would fail.

Until I met my Biore Watery Essence. When I posted on my Facebook that I'm looking for spf recommendations, a few of my friends mentioned this brand. While I'm not a first-timer to Biore products, it's my first time to try their spf. I opted for the Watery Essence variant because the description got me like 🥰🥰🥰and true to its name, this product has an essence-lightness to it. It's watery (dewy) enough to be refreshing--like never in my life did I think I'd refer to spf as refreshing. That's how good it is.

Life. Changing.

I stopped smoking

Always tired.

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The photo above was taken in 29 April, easily one of the last days when I was still smoking. I think I stopped earlier, but for ease in memory, I did mark May 1 as the day when I officially quit. I can't be any more proud.

I don't even feel the urge or miss it. One time, I was so stressed, I wanted to fall back into my old bad ways. But I just reminded myself how far I've gone, and kept my stand. So if you have been trying to quit smoking yourself, do know that it's possible. Be strong!

I'm reading again

Only $14.99 e-book on Amazon.

May has been a blessed month where I really worked hard on re-finding my center, and paving way (making time) for the things I know fuel my soul. That includes reading.

May was also the first month I made the switch to using e-books. While I think I can't ever swear-off printed books for life, I know that getting e-books for all my other casual reads would also help lessen my carbon footprint. I'm pleased with this decision. It's a two birds with one stone kind of thing. Thankful for D who got me my Kindle. That was really sweet.

So yeah, those are my three achievements, my little wins per se. All of them happened in May because the months prior were oh-so-dark. But hey, at least I'm able to say I'm back!