Olay Natural White Angel Glow and Mochi-Mochi Cream

Hello Sunshine! The past few weeks I've been giving myself a pat on the back for taking care of my skin pretty well. Living in Singapore has been brutal to my skin because frankly, I didn't know how to continue my skincare routine. I didn't know which products to get, and if I should stick to my usuals, I wasn't completely sure if the formula is the same--or if my skin would react the same since the climate is slightly different here. BUT, I did find solace in K-beauty.

I think for almost 5 months now, I've been using Korean skincare products to help maintain my skin's healthy glow. So when I heard that Olay, a brand I've sworn by many many times, is putting in some K-beauty approach into their products, I was very intrigued. I love Olay skincare. I love their regenerist facial foam, the Olay toner is also the bomb, and I swear the Olay cc cream is the best for no make-up make-up looks. There was even a point in my life where I couldn't live without the Olay Strawberry body wash.

So while I search for my Olay K-beauty skincare to be brought here in Singapore, I'll give you a round-up on what you can be excited about--especially because Olay's new products doesn't just include K-beauty's science; but also J-Beauty!

Super feeling my skin after a good matcha mask. Japanese skincare wins yet again!

Rooted on science, K-beauty and J-Beauty finds a new home in Olay's newest offers. While each beauty approach looks at beauty regimens differently, both are driven by ingredients that target skin protection and hydration.

This is why Olay Natural White takes inspiration from the Korean beauty and Japanese beauty in its latest product offerings that come with 2-in-1 benefit.

Olay Natural White Tone Up Angel-Glow

Tone Up is a popular K-Beauty trend that balances and brightens skin tone. I recently tried a moisturizer with Tone Up effect and it was indeed an instant glow in a tub! However, most facial products that deliver tone up go a little over the top by leaving the skin as a greasy white mess; making it hard to apply makeup on top of these products. With Olay Natural White, they promise to save you from being a white mess! It's all about that angelic glow.

The Olay Natural White Tone Up Cream contains super ingredients Niacinamide and grapefruit and apple extract that instantly brighten and boost skin glow. It also improves skin clarity by balancing uneven skin tone and helps fade the look of dark spots too.

The best part, you can supposedly use this cream as a make-up primer as it preps the skin with the right hydration and nourishment for that natural-looking fairness.

Olay Natural White Mochi-Mochi Night Cream

If you dream of waking up to bouncy and glowy skin, then perhaps the Olay Natural White Mochi-Mochi Night Cream is the skincare for you. It rides on the J-Beauty trend of “Mochi-Mochi", where you can power up your skin’s natural recovery process with super ingredients Niacinamide, Vitamin B5, and White Lily Extract. These ingredients work hard to repair, brighten, and hydrate while you sleep the night away.

 With regular use of Mochi-Mochi Night, you’ll wake up to a hydrated and brightened skin. It helps reduce the look of dark spots too. The dream of a mochi, glowing skin in the morning is turned into reality. Olay’s Natural White Tone Up Angel-Glow and Natural White Mochi-Mochi Night are available in all major supermarkets, department stores, and drugstores nationwide.

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