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So excited to share that earlier this week, I received an email from Lucky Magazine online editorial team inviting me as one of their online contributors on the soon to be launched LuckyMag Community page. The page is running already but the official launch with perhaps minor tweaks would be live on August 10... so yes, am very excited to have been one of the Lucky firsts for Community!

With the beckoning of my 2nd year in blogging, I have committed myself to the challenge of writing more and improving quality in tone, writing, style, story pitching etc. This grand opportunity is of course an encouragement to me! They've requested a few republication of original LovingSunshine content which I'd be approving ever so often but the exciting part for me is my intent to create exclusive LuckyMag Community content so more people can feel my sunshine! :D

As a first, here's my post on the Terra Azzurra Terracotta blush by Guerlain. It's a very brief sneak as I'd be posting a more detailed feature of it here, since this is my online home.

For the mean time, I hope you all head over my first LuckyMag online story and hit the arrow button (it's a VOTE button). Thank you for the support and in helping me a better person each day!


  1. Wow Kumi, this is awesome! Great job. :)

  2. Wow!!! I am so IMPRESSED! Congrats! I will be reading your posts at Lucky, for sure!

  3. cool!! congratulations!!:) looking forward to seeing your Lucky posts! love Lucky magazine!


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