BOOKREVIEW#58 Sanctus by Simon Toyne

When I first heard of Sanctus* by Simon Toyne, I knew I am going to be predisposed to liking its storyline because I love conspiracy novels like its always going to be revelation day each page. After finishing the book, which went by like a breeze by the way, I can find why I should be allowed to jump into the conclusion that conspiracy novels are the bomb dot com. If you're the type who have these occasional search for "higher truth", you should easily understand what I mean. In a world where everything is power and money, although money can also be power so yeah conspiracy escapes are utterly refreshing.

Sanctus is part Da Vinci Code part Castle, yep I went on to describe this International Bestseller through the comic language of one of my favorite TV series as of the moment. I have to say, in your face noticeable was the resemblance of how the novel would open up compared to how Dan Brown began Da Vinci Code. It will also begin with a mysterious cryptic death that would unearth such a deep dark secret that can change the world; but good thing to look forward to is in how Sanctus has a ton of promising twists that distinguishes itself from its predecessor.

Sanctus is set in Ruin (a fictional city of a non-fiction Turkey), and it involves a heavy mysterious cloud about Christianity, the Sacrament, and mostly about a very exclusive traditional monastery (and its century-kept secret) to where Brother Samuel, the one responsible for the mysterious opening number, belonged to. Sanctus will also bring to life a fight for power and between two clans that is as old as humanity itself, so that's a very interesting way of creating reality because it establishes such a profound emotional attachment and meaning across cultures. The fact that the book has a very cinematic feel to it made it twice as easy to fall hook, line and sinker. It should be essential to note that Simon Toyne has years of TV writing and directing under his belt so reading Sanctus was very entertaining.

If you like fast-paced crescendo type of stories then you should definitely treat yourself to a copy because each minute you spend immersing yourself to Sanctus is perpetually justified. (You may get a copy from, simply request it from the chat box or on their Facebook page if the title is not display as a regular stock)

Sanctus is part one of a much anticipated trilogy. I was separately gifted with The Key, which is book two. I have started reading it a few weeks ago but got caught up in finishing Carlos Ruiz Zafon's Angel's Game and I also dove in to John Green's Looking for Alaska which I finished yesterday; so I think I would have to restart from page one to fully enjoy and comprehend The Key. I finished sooo so many books this month of August and I feel quite proud of myself for that. I'll be sharing them all as soon as possible. For more book reviews, visit this page.

Hope you liked hearing my thoughts about Sanctus. If you have a favorite conspiracy novel, please share through the comments! I would love to note down your book suggestions!


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