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You know me and my love for natural products. Although let me put bluntly first, Natio is not an all-natural brand. I read meticulously and it does use a few ingredients that are questionable to me; nonetheless, it promotes the use of natural ingredients in their products and to me, a natural ingredient here and there is still less of a chemical in my body. Natio is also not paraben-free so those who have very sensitive skin should be selective. The best thing for animal lovers... Natio doesn't test on animales! Yey!

Natio is an Australian plant-based skincare brand that I was introduced with through an Asian swap. Because I've been making friends with many of my readers (thank you to those who email hi's and hello's; advanced thank you's to those who will be sending friendly emails to; I've been given fun opportunities to hold beauty swaps and share my favorites with the rest of the world. I wouldn't even know about Natio is it wasn't for the swap I did with Cheryl, thanks again girl. Sharing is definitely a great and fun way to connect!

Above is a Natio skincare travel kit sent to me by my friend. I numbered them so I can easily share with you my two cents on the products. This kit is an absolute hit and miss for me. Here goes...

1. Natio Gentle Foaming Cleanser - sadly I'm not so happy about this product. The name's a bit deceiving. It hardly creates a foamy texture. No matter how much of the product I lather on my hands then my face, it just won't foam up. Of course foam is actually an effect achieved through surfactants such as SLS (harmful ones) so I should be happy that this doesn't create as much suds as some facial cleanser do. I just found it eerie why it was labeled as a foaming cleanser when really, it wasn't. I tried it on wet and on dry skin and I really can't build a lather with this. I also don't feel like my skin is cleansed with this. Like when I remove my makeup using my favorite cleansing oil, I normally wash my face after. When I use this foaming cleanser to get rid of the oil residue on my face, I still feel greasy.
2. Natio Paw Paw Lip Balm - AMAZING lip balm. This is super moisturizing and is not sticky on the lips at all. Although it's a bit thick and warm on the lips, I don't mind because it's really effective in leaving my lips supple and soft. This is an ideal nighttime lip balm. I use this before sleeping and I always wake up with perfectly hydrated puckers thanks to this lip balm. What Paw Paw means... I don't know. But this lip balm has a lot of potent natural ingredients known for their moisturizing strength such as beeswax, coconut oil and carrot oil. This also has honey, jojoba oil and tocopherol aka vitamin E. 
3. Natio SpaOrganics Pep-Up Body Cleanser - I love this product! I've used this up already and you can expect this on my next emptied post. This smells unbelievably relaxing and soothing and just really cleanses the body very gently. I love its therapeutic aroma and this one is definitely worth a purchase (since I only got to try a sample size). This one has SLS though but ugh I can't resist its uplifting and energizing scent. This one's a perfect body cleanser for a spa-visit, if you don't like what your spa offers; and a great after-gym shower buddy.
4. Natio SpaOrganics Hand Cream - this ideally is a 3-in-1 product. It is marketed to battle signs of aging, hand softener and as nail strengthening agent. I have very brittle nails so if I can moisturize my hands while I strengthen my nails, I'm all in. this also has that very subtle sandalwood notes that I enjoyed from my Pep-Up Body Cleanser. This doesn't leave a greasy feel and is absorbed efficiently. Very nice.
5. Natio Intensive Moisturizing Day Cream - with pure plant extracts and essential oils, this day cream is ideal for those humid days where you can find yourself easily tempted to skip the important step of skincare. Although I'm not altogether sold to this day cream, I've used better, I appreciate how this doesn't feel harsh on the skin. It also leaves a dewy glow once absorbed, although if you have oily skin like me, you  might want to blot off any signs of over application.

As a kit, I believe the Natio travel care is a good hit for me. Only the facial cleanser proved itself as a disappointment; otherwise I think Natio is a pretty interesting brand worthy of some exploration. Read more about them here.

How about you? Any brand of naturals worth recommending?


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