SKINCARE: Water Biased

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I attribute my zero-break out puberty to the fact that I LOVE drinking water. Unlike some, who finds keeping up with 8 glasses of water a day a task, I actually really found it as a minimal requirement. Nowadays, I feel like I've been drinking more tea and coffee than water; and I'm noticing the change in my skin tone; so without waiting for bad to become worse, I'm incorporating water to my skincare every possible way I can. Water is always going to be equal to clear skin for me (clean too!)

An Etude House Aqua Cure travel set was lying around my stash when the realization hit me, I haven't been drinking enough water the past few weeks. Consider it a crime, but I think there were days when I didn't even drink a single cup of water. Sure, I get my "fluids" through tea and coffee, but those drinks are diuretic so I had more to lose than gain in those drinks. I've also been drinking milk and juice lately but water as water is different. Explains my very dry skin the past few days.

After realizing I haven't had enough chug, I figured it's time to whip these travel babies out. The set included an Aqua Cure toner, Gel Cream, Emulsion and Bamboo water. I've actually used full-size of these products before and they are really amazing. They're very light on the skin and are absorbed easily. I also don't feelt an irritation with these products because they're so gently formulated--seriously, how much gentler can you get than glacial water?
Left: Gel Cream; Right: Emulsion
Among all, I think my top favorite would be the gel cream. It's just so soothing, as you would expect from a water-based gel cream. It's also very refreshing! I also love the bamboo water because it's in a nice pouch-friendly bottle that I can take anywhere with me.

How about you? What water-based product would you recommend?

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Just for fun, and because it's also related to "water", I took the time to generate my mermaid name! Here it is! Funny because I have Swift in my name! I think I'm having too much Taylor Swiftastic music lately!

Get your own mermaid names from The Mermaid Name Generator!My mermaid name is Marlin Mangrove Swift
(pistris palus)
Sleek, blue-grey with a colourful dorsal fan that has flashes of blue, red and yellow. This variety is a fast swimmer.
The palus, like the sea cow, is often but not exclusively found dwelling in mangrove swamps. The palus has a favourite diet of fallen fruit from the trees.
Note: Faster than most varieties, with superior physical ability and quick wittedness.
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  1. Oh, gosh. Reminds me I don't take enough water either. :( I need to, since my skin's been so dry! I should really keep track of the amount of water I have every day. :) THanks for the reminder, Kumi!

  2. I haven't heard of this brand but I'm intrigued! x

  3. I've just discovered your blog, it's fab :) do you think these products would be good for dehydrated skin? My skin is need of water at the moment, it's a dry, then oily dehydrated mess eek. x x


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