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I try my best to stay away from malls because I hardly leave a mall without an unnecessary purchase. Take this Orogold Nail Care set for example. Not that I regret buying it, it's super effective, but it wasn't part of my plan to buy one--just for that reason, I feel a pang of guilt.

Orogold cosmetics, as the name suggests, utilizes the skincare benefits of gold into everyday personal care products. They have lotions, scrubs, liquid soaps, and more. What I went home with was a nail care set which came in this very pretty box. FYI, I'm now using this box as a nail art tool box! A+ for having reusable packaging, Orogold!

My Orogold nail care kit includes the following items, which I'd briefly review for your benefit.

Nail Buffing Block--this particular item got me sold on the kit. This nail buffing block is not like your ordinary nail buffer. This one actually works and the shine it leaves on your nail surface lasts for about a week! Amazing. Normally, the buffed effect lasts only until your next wash but surprisingly after washing, bathing and even cleaning my brushes, my nails were shiny and perfect! It's like I just buffed my nails... for days. This one's amazing. If you find yourself at EDSA Shangri-la Mall, you better get ready for a demo (and a purchase. If I remember it right, this kit is P1,250 or approx $30)

Orogold Nail File--as you can see, this nail file is hard core. It really is great for trimming the edges of for keeping a perfect square or oval tip. This nail file is gritty on both sides. :)

Tea Tree Oil--many of you may have read about tea tree oil's antiseptic and anti-inflammatory benefits. For the same reasons, the Orogold nail care kit also includes a bottle of tea tree oil to make sure that your cuticles are in tip-top shape. This doesn't come in an overpowering scent so those who don't like too much "aromatherapy", then you won't have anything to worry about.

Orogold 24k Body Lotion--first of, yes, you are worth lathering gold all over your body! This body lotion has the moisturizing effect of a body butter sans the consistency. It's light and I use this more as a hand lotion than a body lotion (since I am and will always be a body oil person).

How about you? What's the most luxurious beauty item you have lying around?


  1. Does this really have gold in it? Should we be mining the earth for gold so we can slather it on our bodies, only to be washed away? Nicole by OPI has some nail polish with actual gold bits in it. $30 a bottle. So... I'm suppose to wear this gold nail polish for a few days, take it off, the precious metal ends up in a cotton ball in the trash? What do you think about this?

    1. I think they use a small amount of gold powder in it, similar to guerlain's l'or. I think for skincare the gold should be absorbed by the skin for nourishment and not be washed off. For the nail polish, i think i guess thats where your gold go to trash

    2. Although the way you put it i do feel bad about the idea of mining the eart for gold for beauty products. I don't normally buy anything (cream or whatever) with gold in it (because its pricey) and for the gold in it (bec im sure natural extracts are far better for the body than minerals. The 24k gold body butter just came with the set and unfortunately i can only get the buffer if i get the set. :(

    3. Have you tried looking for the buffer block by itself? In the US they are sold seperately and are super cheap, like $2-4 each.

      I feel bad too about mining for metals, it destroys the earth. I save any scrap metal trash (like old pots and pans) and a few miles away from my house there is a scrap metal yard I sell metal to. I don't get much money from doing that but at least the metal is melted down and re-purposed. I'm not sure about the Phillipnes but here in the US you can resell copper for good money, scrap copper.

  2. Oh my gosh, that sounds like such a fantastic product! Thank you so much for sharing xoxo

  3. Hmmm...Very neat product. I have never heard of it, but it sounds like fun to try.
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