MAKEUP: Warmth of Summer

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It's been really cold lately. There's another tropical depression typhoon coming into our country aptly named as Helen. Whenever I read or hear Helen, I always think of two related things. 1. I think of the beautiful Hellenistic language that sprung the most romantic words the world has since listened to; and 2. I think of Helen of Troy.
Helen of Troy is popularly known as the beautiful face that launched a thousand ships. Indeed, every illlustration and portrayal of Helen is picturesque. Whenever I conjure an image of her in my mind, I always imagine beautiful golden blond with honey bronzed skin. She's such an inspiration, not because her passions waived war and caused casualties; but because she followed her heart despite the risks. I think love is both a selfish and selfless act. Maybe some would argue that the end didn't justify the means; but at the end of the day, are you brave enough to fight for what you love? Uh-huh, we are not always ready and willing.

Beauty wise, Helen of Troy has always been drawn with honey skin accentuated by beautiful cheeks and neckline. With the cold climate embracing my world (and summer's ending for most of you, right?) I figured it's perfect timing to nurture the growing attachment I have been noticing towards my Guerlain Emilio Pucci Terra Azzurra bronzer*. It's just so beautiful. (Check out my article on this baby)

I absolutely love the packaging. It looks ethnic yet very sleek and modern. The cap is attached to the bottom part via magnets so it's very easy to open. No need to twist to lock. The magnets are very efficient too so the cap doesn't come off loose! Check out the second photo below to see the tiny functional magnets that keeps my beautiful Guerlain bronzer snug and safe.

The bronzer is a mix of bronzer, blush and highlighting powder which to me makes it all the more ethereal when applied. Usually you may find bronzer-come-blush or blush-come-highlighting powder out in the market but I think this is the first time I was impressed by a bronzer-come-blush-come-highlighting powder. It's a very ambitious "palette" if you ask me, but my goodness did it deliver. 

The bronzer is, coral blush, pink blush and light pink highlighting powder that comprises this lovely pan is subtle in color ans blends very well unto the skin. I find myself warming up my face with this powder more often than usual because it's been very cold and I've been waking up pale. Personally, I enjoy picking up just the bronzer and mildly contouring my cheeks and my jawline with it. Afterwards, I swirl my blush brush and mix all four powders to brush on my entire face, focusing on the apples of my cheeks, my nose bridge, my chin and very lightly, on my forehead.
From L-R: bronzer, coral blush, pink blush, highlighting powder, all colors mixed.
I know some of you may be avoiding highlighting powders because anything shimmery or glittery is just not your thing. I get that. Although I like bedazzling things, there are days I want to look a bit more "mature" and professional; that's where semi-matte blushes come to play. The powder looks matte in my swatch but if you look closely, you may catch a glimpse of sparkle that captured sunlight there. That's what I love about this blush. It helps me achieve a professional look without completely removing me of my love of glitter. 

By the way... the powder smells like Jasmine flower. I know. It's love.

How about you, what product do you use to warm up your face?

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  1. Looks like a beautiful product:)

  2. Love the packaging of the product as well. The Pucci print is always a beauty! The product itself looks very good and the pigmentation seems to be okay. :)

    1. Agree! The Pucci print is always a sight to behold. I hope it comes out in different colors! I'm so excited to use up the bronzer so I can use the Pucci pouch as a coin purse!

  3. that palette is SOOOO pretty!!!!
    btw i love your new layout :D how did you get the button link things to change on hovering? :D

    1. Thank you! Already emailed you the code. hope it helps :D

  4. Love Pucci, I can see you love it too, since it has been in a few posts!

    1. Yes! I actually photographed it again cause I really love it! Then I remember oh heck. I already posted about it twice? thrice? Oh dear haha

  5. I really liked how you opened up your post about this gorgeous palette!


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