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When it gets really cold, I take advantage of the weather by slathering on moisturizers meant for intensive care such as body creams! Of course we all don't want sticky, so when it's cold season I creamy-fy because I know the cream will not end up feeling sticky on my skin. Our body gets drier when it's cold too! So if you're always in an air-conditioned room, you better use a body butter or body cream since a lotion might not make the cut.

I've been using these two quite religiously the past few days. The Human Heart Nature Body Butter Cream and the Strawberry Hand and Foot Salve have both been essential bedside beauty products. I normally apply both products (heavily if you're wondering) before sleeping and I wake up with super soft skin--and sweet smelling! I normally sleep at 1AM (don't emulate!) only to wake up around 6AM and I'm always happy to whiff fruitiness in my bedroom first thing when I open my eyes.

I know strawberry-scented products are easily accommodated by vanity corners all over the world and I think almost every beauty brand will come out with a special berry-scented something, for that salable reason. What makes these two different is their 100% natural formulation.

Those who are keeping a keen eye on ingredients list in personal care products are well-aware that the terms natural, dermatologist-tested, organic and many more are something deceiving advertising ploys. Sometimes, your "made with certified organic apple" lip balm is pretty much 1% certified organic apple and 99% chemicals! I'm always disappointed whenever I find a product with such claim. Being a customer my entire life, I feel played. Good thing I know better now.

As for the two products above, I have to say they're very moisturizing. I'm still in that phase where I miss the old versions of the Human Nature body butter (I really like the unscented one!) and the old variant of the hand and foot salve (I find that the old formulation is absorbed better); but since I have no choice but to switch to these reformulated pieces, I guess I have to teach myself to be accustomed to their respective perks. Beginning with... no more cracked heels!

I'm almost always wearing slippers and sandals. I am a very laid back and lazy person when it comes to fashion! Good thing Crocs recently unveiled their new collection! I love their new pieces because they don't look like kiddie shoes anymore! For example, the number I own, has a leather body but signature Crocs comfortable sole. I love that the heels are also designed as if it were wood! It's a very "deceiving" wedge! So comfortable too!

Here are a few photos of the new Crocs footwear I seriously want!

I know! I got the same reaction! Those are Crocs??? The turquoise heels is so cute! To connect with Crocs Philippines, just in case you have some questions or would like to know more, do reach them here.

Now going back to beauty, tell me, what strawberry products do you love?


  1. The hand and foot salve looks so promising! Thanks for sharing this. Btw, your wedges look fab. =)

  2. Great, Crocs came out with wearable shoes. Everyone used to make fun of those silly-looking footwear of theirs. Strawberry is so popular because it smells sooooo good!

  3. Love the heels,
    and thanks for review of those products.
    I a nice scented love body butter.

  4. I'd love to try the body butter! xx

  5. the crocs shoes are perfect this rainy season.


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