NAILS: Bubbly Tips

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Hello everyone! I just want to update you all with a bubbly hello! Check out my nails during the heavy rains!

In the photo above, I'm using one of my Essie polishes. The very base coat is Essie's Let's Get Lost. It's a really bright blue color that has green undertones to it. I then applied heavy glitter from the tips using my glitter favorite, Milani Gems. I tried to combined the Essie polish and the Glitter mix by applying a glitter top coat, those are the blue green hexes you're seeing. It's a polish from Tony Moly.

I find that when something stressful is beating the blues out of me, I color my nails. It's totally an unexpected escape cause I'm hardly a nail polish person; but it seems like my growing collection of polished begs to disagree. :) I'm not really sure how many, but my last count left me with 130+ lacquers.

How about you, how many nail polish do you own?

PS. Please tell me what you think of the vectors I created as my navigation icons! I made them myself! I temporarily removed my navigation buttons as I'm gettin warmer in reaching the blog layout that I like. Navigation buttons are back! Hover above the flowers! so cute! Changes weren't supposed to be live until it's entirely complete, but I want to know what you think of the changes I'm making so I get reader's feedback when it's needed!

I just learned how to do a vector and I'm super enjoying every bit of it! Because I have such busy schedule, I have come to terms with my inability to overhaul my website in one sweep; so really appreciate your candor in the little tweaks and improvement I apply on my lovely online abode.

Suggestions are very much welcome! Thanks!


  1. Love the final result Kumiko! xx

  2. I love the new menu bar that you created... :) sooo cool!

  3. Lovely nails!
    Loving the glitters on it.

    Please feel free to visit my blog, let me know
    what you think of it, and if you'd like we can follow
    each other on GFC. Thanks!

  4. 250-275 bottles.

    I nominated you for a libester!

  5. Looks cute! Reminds me of glittery scales in the ocean :D Unfortunately, I tend to bite my nails when I'm super stressed so I don't have as many polishes as you! :( I don't see any navigation icons? unless you meant the social icons.

  6. I love the look and colour of these nails. I actually do not own many nail colours, but in the past year have bought several that I love!

  7. These are cute! I love glitter tips :D And wow, you have a really impressive polish collection! 130+ ?? I don't think I even own 1/4 of what you have!

  8. nice blue nails! super cute xo
    would you like to follow each other?


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