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Branding aside, I wore a lot of orange back in college. I wasn't sunshine girl because of this blog. I am sunshine girl that's why there's this blog. First photo below is a photo of me and one of my cute sources for my college thesis. My thesis involved Disney Princesses, see... no surprise in that. Second photo was a very random giggly picture. It was on the day I got to try the Tomato Kick's Pesto Pasta Aligue, and oh my goodness, it was so fattening and delicious. Anyway, I remember because that was a memorable date moment--or my date was memorable. ♥

One of my favorite books and some sort of branding happening right there. #heartstuff

Turnback Tuesday is a new weekly section of my blog. I love remembering the good and even not-so-good times. Remembering the things that led me to the person that I am now is a form of appreciation that I want to celebrate with you. This is me. Let's get to know each other. Answer this week's featured question.

What's your favorite book?


  1. The Immortal Life (of Henrietta Lacks), by Rebecca Skloot.

    Non-fiction, true story, biology, about cancer, cancer cells, research, and a poor black woman, where the cancer came from, her family, and the business and politics behind biomedical research. Kind of shows how ugly human beings are to one another.

    I was drawn to this book because I knew about HeLa cells, these are cervical cancer cells that are still alive to this day and have been cultivated and have been distutbued to cancer labs all over the world. The woman Henrietta Lacks died back in the 1950's but her cells still are living, longer than she was alive. It is fascinating!

  2. This explains it better than I did....


  3. my favorite is the faraway tree by enid blyton.it's a children's book about a great, big, magical tree where lots of creatures lived and on the top of the tree is way to a different "land" which revolves around the tree at random. i read it first when i was in grade school. decades after, a friend gave me a copy which he bought from amazon.com because i couldnt find it here. as soon as he shipped it to me, i saw a copy at national bookstore. hahahaha


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