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I'm typing this blog post with a runny nose, a sore body, some sleepy eyes and a very sick version of me. Well, I'm not really very sick, but I am unwell right now. I have colds and I'm at work and I'm hoping I don't spread the virus; it just so happens that I have to be here today. Funny, because this blog post is something so timely because last Friday, The Generics Pharmacy through City Delivery, sent me this pack below.
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Yup, the very City Delivery that makes restaurant food delivery services available, now made buying your every generic drugstore needs just a click or call away. I know my mom has hesitation about using generic brands and I expect some of you to also have the same whims; but personally I think generic drugs are very helpful and pretty much the same. Sometimes, we do pay for the brand that's why drugs become expensive. What I know is, when certain drugs or vaccine's are discovered, of course the creator would acquire a patent for it; but patents expire and like in literature, once that copyright lapses, anyone can freely create copies of the product without infringement.

Okay that's a very layman's way of putting it. Here's a little something from FDA websiteThat's exactly what's in my mucus brain so I can honestly say I'm not afraid of using generic drugs. It's like makeup. There are high-end ones like Chanel and Dior but there will also be drugstore brands that may sometimes be lesser in quality but are sometimes better or at least at par! What we have, and I'm sure some of you are at or were at or hopefully will not be at, are trying times. Any means of smart shopping should be accommodated and re-evaluated. Of course the choice is yours; nonetheless, here's an option.
Thank you so much for the bagful of kindness The Generics Pharmacy!

The Generic Pharmacy, a leading generics drugstore brand in the Philippines partnered with City Delivery to make the option to have your medicinal needs a click away. My embarrassing confession is, I blame my missing two days worth of vitamin C for my health condition now. Because I hardly get rested sleep and I always seem to be thinking of things I should really stop stressing myself out, I know that my health is not at its prime. Insert here my lack of fitness activities and sometimes escapist diet, I'm really making poor health choices. But when I heard wind of The Generics Pharmacy's new delivery service, through none other than City Delivery, I was reminded to take a step back and you know, really "rejuvenate".

I'm now doing my best to incorporate whole grains in my diet. Now eating fruits! Now doing my best to sleep as early as 10AM! And more. Health is really important. This year, I think our family's been to the hospital three times in a row within 6 months and that's not a good thing. One of those is my being confined, the other my sissy and now my brother (who is still at the hospital by the way, and I'm hoping for the best that he's feeling better now--and that when he undergoes major operation on Tuesday, he finishes strong--and that it'd be over and he'd be well and perfect again after the surgery). I know, that's a lot of hoping. Nonetheless, thank goodness The Generics Pharmacy thought of this new service because if there's any way for anyone to prevent any future health problems, it's to make a change today, everyday, consistently.

Here's how to avail of the program.

For more information, go to or call/SMS these numbers: 87878 or 09176387878.
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  1. What a cool service! I hope you feel better soon. Sucks to be sick!!!


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