TURNBACK TUESDAY#2 To secrets and beyond

They say, some friendships are forged on fire. That although some relationships come and go, there would be that very certain few that would stand still against the tide. Above is a monumental photo I got to keep of my very special friends from college.

We are all chasing our dreams or at least making sense of each day separately and although I haven't seen them for years (except the girl in white who I saw last summer), I still hold our friendship dear to my heart. It's these people who I spent my crazy college life with. We all had our moments, ups and downs, laugh trips and more. There were some bumps on the road challenges and some dramatic episodes but what makes my friendship with these ladies (yes, all girls yan haha) is the happiness and security I feel whenever around them.

I have my share of back stabbers and friendships out of convenience... and sometimes it's always so disappointing to realize that certain people you value would treat you like sh*t but I know I hit gold with these likes of Erika, Paola, Thesa and Jervi (from L-R in the photo above)

I know I am blessed to have met these people. If it's true that your life would flash before your eyes when you're about to die, I know I'd be looking at those faces with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. Gratitude because they were great friends. Gratitude because they accepted me. Gratitude because they helped me be a better person every step of the way.

Although the following pictures below are out of this world blurry, yes children, that's the best of my camera phone's night mode, circa 2006; the memory of that fun evening is so sweet in my mind.

How would you define a great friendship?


  1. A great friendship is something that survives despite the lack of communication. It's stronger than romantic love in that aspect; it's almost like a brother/sisterhood. When you see each other again it'll be like you never parted.

    1. yes thats so true! some of my friends who i dont see as often as i would want to, when i talk to them even just online or twitter, it's like we never parted


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