What's in my travel makeup kit?

Hello Sunshine! Last August I got to attend a Google Brandworks workshop at Google Singapore office. Talk about achievement unlocked! The Google Singapore office truly lived up to my expectations of a 'Silicon Valley' office. Every square mile was engaging and innovative. Double achievement unlocked when I got to brainstorm on the sleep pods--I didn't sleep OK, I really brainstormed! Here's a group photo after Google Brandworks! Most of us tried to do the elephant post from the initial group activity we played.

With my teammates from Day 1!

For both days, I wore very minimal makeup only, and since I'm super happy about how lite I packed my makeup kit, I'm taking today as an opportunity to brag! This is a feat, really. I really kept to myself and stuck it out with only two choices of lip color, one eye shadow, one mascara, one blush on, etc.

What is my no.1 travel beauty must-have?

Happy Skin SS Creme fo sho! It's a very very good liquid foundation to take with you anywhere you go, not just for traveling, but for everyday use. I can go without concealer when I use it, and it doesn't need powder for setting as it sets quite matte anyway. On top of that, it lasts all day--no sliding of, no caking. It's pretty pretty awesome, really.

Are you familiar with my travel picks?

Yes, I'm a HappySkin girl! I just love their lip colors!


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