Heroine Make now in the Philippines

Hello Sunshine! Isn't amazing that this time around, women are no longer on display as damsels in distress, rather, women are set up to be their own heroines--while keeping their princess on? It's true. I realized it more when I attended the launch of Heroine Make in the Philippines.
Heroine Make Philippines

Heroines aren’t born: they’re made. Behind every beautiful heroine is a makeup collection that promises to make you look beautiful and keep you that way, no matter what dramatic adventures life throws your way!
Heroine Make is a Japanese-manufactured makeup line with ten years of history that turns women into princesses since 2005. It launched a revolutionary range of eye makeup in Japan since then. The brand has become a familiar sight to shoppers in Hong Kong and Singapore, where the lush romantic packaging fills the shelves in Sasa, Bonjour, and drugstores in these countries. Now, Heroine Make turns wide manga eyes towards Manila!
Heroine Make Philippines launch
Heroine Make Philippines launch

From simply having wide-eyed dreams, now more beauty enthusiasts can create their own manga-eyes and pair it up with flawless skin using Heroine Make. I got for myself the Heroine Make Smooth Cover Powder Clear* which is a mineral compact that sits sheer when applied. I'm excited to try it out because it's so timely, I just ran out of my favorite Cover Girl powder foundation!

I also got the Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara* because I heard Heroine Make has a great mascara line up. The Heroine Make Long and Curl mascara (Php 595) specifically win beauty awards in Japan, so yes I'm sold!
Heroine Make Philippines
Heroine Make Philippines
Heroine Make Philippines

Which is your favorite Heroine Make product?

Heroine Make Philippines

The Heroine Make liquid liner pen*! I love how you can easily create thin lines with this, and it has a buildable formula that doesn't cake, unlike some liner pens I've tried. Although it doesn't set as jet black upon first swipe, it's easier to get a really black line with this. Simple create feather-like strokes until you get the superb line you want. This is only Php595!

What's your Heroine Make must-try?

Heroine Make Philippines

Among the many items from Heroine Make's collection, I got super intrigued by their eyelash curler--why? Because it's got pink rubber! Talk about really cute!

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What do you think?

Don't forget to comment on what makes you your own heroine too, princesses!

More Heroine Make coming up on this blog, compliments of Princess Himeko Elizabeth, Heroine Make's very own heroine--and princess!

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