Keep your Vzone a sweet zone!

Hello Sunshine! Let's talk about your down under, that middle earth, the netherlands, and the landing strip, what-have-you. Because what I have to tell you will change the way you keep your woman smelling like a man (haha, sexist, I know!).

Did you know that trimming and shaving the bikini area help reduce unwanted odor? That’s why I would recommend you practice proper grooming of your secret garden. 

For this, I’d recommend trying out Vzone by PH Care*, a line of intimate grooming essentials specifically designed for the delicate bikini area neat and odor-free!

Vzone by pH Care Bikini Trimmer (Right)

With rounded tips to help prevent accidental cuts
Comes with a shorter handle for better control

Vzone by pH Care Bikini Shaver (Left)

Easy grip handle design for better control
Mini-blade, only 5/8” wide for delicate bikini areas
Comb design with protective skin guard to minimize irritation

With soothing Aloe Vera moisture strips

Vzone by PH Care
Vzone by PH Care

Vzone Trimmer and Razor are available in Mercury Drugstore, Watsons, 7-Eleven and Rustans and Robinsons Supermarkets for only Php49 (Trimmer) and Php99 (Shavers, 3 pcs). Of course, you can also amplify your Vzone kit with some cooling feminine wipes!

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