Burberry Body Tender

What is tenderness?

A question raised by the highest of all names of my list--my list, which is now void, if I may say. What is tenderness? For a word of simpleton, the meaning is an overexposed picture--a signification or manifestation of a here and there, a now and later, and ever never always after.

Today, I shall share with you what to me is tenderness. Or at least I will give it my most sincere try.

Tenderness is the humming breeze that touches your skin after a heated day. It is that sigh of relief, released, with an expectation of better things ahead--some of which are beginning right now. I think of tenderness when I take an evening route home, when I see the sparkling lights of the city twinkle from afar, and I imagine they are of a thousand ships waiting to kiss my shores. I think there's tenderness in savoring the silence between listening and understanding another soul. For tenderness is in opening the gates that once had cracked due to circumstances unexpected. It is in breaking down the walls, in exchange of sunlight, peering through panes and glass castles.

Once upon a time, I remember the feeling of hating a person who have hurt me. I don't know about you,  but if you've experience hating somebody, you'd attest to how heavy that feeling can be (get). Coming from that point, tenderness is the nostalgia that keeps everything afloat. Tenderness is that soft spot of change, of pleasant memories and of another (heartless) person's light. Tenderness is my hope in humanity. It is sweet, endearing and is arresting, in ways kind-hearted people effortlessly can be.

Last Thursday, I was fortunate to have joined my dear friends from Luxasia Philippines in the product unveiling of what possibly could be the best Spring/Summer fragrance release this year. At first whiff, I immediately fell in love with this new scent from Burberry called Burberry Body Tender. I have the iconic Burberry Body scent, which although bold and sexy in a very classy way, can sometimes be too much for my daily-dallying. Now, Burberry Body Tender, is the perfect resolution. It is, I should dare say, how I would imagine LovingSunshine to smell like if my love for sunshine is ever turned into a perfume.

Burberry Body Tender is a sparkling scent that is very light and arresting with its soft glances. In its rose-colored tonic, I can't bring myself out of the calm the scent had driven me to.

Watch the Burberry Body Tender commercial below.

Burberry Body Tender is my type of fragrance primarily because it has a heart of rose, pun intended. I just love light rose scents, and Burberry Body Tender was the perfect interpretation of this romance. It also begins with notes from my other favorite sources of joy, apples, so now do you understand what I mean by Burberry Body Tender being perfect?

Again, thank you Luxasia for casting to shore this amazing new fragrance! It's such a pleasure to be among the first people to try this new delightful fragrance from Burberry. The product unveiling and introduction at SM Makati was such a blast. Everything from concept, food, vibe and ambiance was so feminine and approachable, just like Burberry Body Tender.

Burberry Body Tender is available in Burberry boutiques and select departments stores (Rustans, SM, Robinsons, Landmark) for only 85ml P4,898; 60ml  P3,898; 35ml P2,898. 

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  1. Ooh I can't wait to smell this! Rose & apple? Sounds divine!


    1. for osme reason my comment wouldnt stick, so i had to add it here.

      i will have to get a tester of it next time i am at the store :)it does sounds lovely!! I am also part of GIG :) Now following you, please follow me too! XO


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