BOOKREVIEW#74 Reached by Ally Condie

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Have you ever reached that point of no return? What did you do? How did it feel?

Change is always frightful because it shatters the normalcy that sometimes, we ourselves strive to be numbed with. There's comfort in keeping things status quo, they say, but then again there's glory in going against the current for grander purposes like what you think is right, or what you feel should be done.

When I started my blissfully turbulent adventure with Cassie, Matched trilogy's effervescent heroine, I didn't expect I'd be hooked to the story til the very end. Sure, something about the green dress captivated me, and of course, I found sweet solace in the idea of red, green and blue escape capsules--naturally, the Matched trilogy got the escapist side of me swooning over the dystopian world captured in the book; but more than anything, the Matched series ignited my dulling need for change, or what I musingly call, some shaking up.

World shook, indeed.

When things aren't going as planned, when plans just seem to web out into more complicated complexities interlaced with other plans, selfish displays and hints of despair, the ground that keeps us upright quakes. And everything is shaken, and even stirred. Reached is that point of the trilogy where the reckless need to be  young but mature achieves the crescendo similar to a lightning bolt that follows a striking storm. Although, I swear to gods, I could have sworn the trilogy will end the way I expected it would aim to surprise me with, it still managed to hit me by the gut and shock me. In all honesty, I wanted a different ending, but endings aren't really the main topic, in most cases in fact. It is the journey to which we reach the finality of things. Reached whole-heartedly gave justice to that--the secret, the exchanges, the expectations shared by characters and by the book and reader are tolerably justified, interestingly with an ending that may have been an ending that Match trilogy fans wouldn't have dared expect.

A book of hope and dissent, rolled into one hungry soul, Reached is indeed an escape that strains to acquire and more.

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