Sweet Recipe for the Lips

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Hello Sunshine! Today's going to be a sweet day because I have for you swatches and then some more blissful raving over Etude House Sweet Recipe collection! For this post, I'll share with you my thoughts and happy bits over the lip products I have! The collection should be on display (if not yet available for selling) this end of March 2013! I have been using these lippies for almost a month now since I was given a preview of the collection, so if you're looking for a new summer friendly beauty friend, keep on reading!

The Sweet Recipe collection has three unique lip ranges primarily the Sweet Cupcake All Over Face Color (a lip and cheek tint that you can also use as an eye primer), Candy Stick Lip Balms and the Dear My Jelly Lipstick. For this post, I'm sharing with you swatches of the products that I own from the three collections. Don't skip on my notes as I have some tidbits to share about the different cosmetics.

Sweet Recipe Candy Stick*

This tinted lip balm delivers not just a hint of vibrancy on the lips, but is also a gloss-type of balm, so you have tint and shine in one swipe. Candy Stick is made with from bilberry, sugar cane, sugar maple, orange and lemon extracts, among many, so the result is a juicy hint of playfulness for the lips, a very delicious finish.

Of course there are other sweet shades to choose from!

Dear My Jelly Lipstick*

Alas! A yellow and bright sunny sunshine lipstick with a jelly consistency! It's everything I ever wanted, in a stick! But of course, you might be wondering... ohmygodhowdoesayellowjellylipsticklooklike????

Well my darlings, it's lovely. It is a sheer gloss type jelly lipstick (honestly, it's my first time to ever encounter the concept of a jelly lipstick), and it has a touch of shimmering pink here and there. It looks very healthy and leaves the lips looking plump and kissable.

Here are the other shades.

And now, for a trick. Can you spot the make up in the photos below? Cupcake tower is by Tous les Jous Korean bakery and cafe.

Obviously, my favorite lip color range from Sweet Recipe, here is the Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color*.

The colors are all very fun and vivid. For a lip and cheek tint, the Cupcake All Over Face Color has the creamiest yet most weightless consistency, which I absolutely love. I love how easy it is to blend on the skin, and it does sink into the skin quite naturally, like a natural flush of color indeed.

My favorite among the bunk is the peachy shade because I also find that it's easiest and more practical to use as an all over face color (I find it odd to use the barbie pink or the red as an eye primer). But for the cheeks and the lips, all three colors are tantalizing and perfect for the most fun and enjoyable season of the year, summer! For the lips, there's always room to play things up!

With the sun heating up, the Cucpake All Over Color is also ideal because you wouldn't want to wear too much makeup when it's hot. It also doesn't melt away with sweat, and stays on very nicely.

All in all, the Etude House Sweet Recipe lip color collection are all worth the shot. Personally, I would really recommend the Cupcake All Over Face Color because they truly walk the talk!

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How about you? Which are you excited to try?

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  1. etude really has some cute packaging :)

  2. Hi Kumi! I'm thinking of getting the cupcake all over face color for my cheeks. How does it wear on the skin for you? What kind of finish does it have?


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