"Subtle is sexy."

If you don't get enough sleep, and clearly, that reality is the most obvious story written on your face, then like me, you're probably on an eternal search for quality foundation! Maybe, like me, you've gone through racks of BB creams, matte and all-sorts-of-finish foundations, powders and mousse formulations, etc. It's truly one big adventure, to find a cosmetic product that can surpass expectations, but trust me, and those who're lucky like I have been, trust us, that when you find the one, you'd.just.know.

Why? Because clear smooth beautiful flawless skin is black and white, it's either you have it or you don't. And I'm not talking about innate perfection--I'm talking about a pro-active choice to be closer to that perfection. To put it more properly, achieving clear smooth beautiful flawless skin is black and white, it's either you can or can not. And boy, does my featured product of the day make it easy to say, yes I can!

I did. :) Jump on to learn more!

Remember how our favorite girl from Shopaholic exclaimed that having good underwear should be a basic human right? Well, translate that belief to makeup, and we have Guerlain's Lingerie de Peau*, a lightweight liquid foundation offering medium to full coverage without the heavy feeling of actually wearing makeup. It is, on its most basic sense, like your skin's lingerie. It's the secret behind your sexy glow. It's the underlying reason why your aesthetic is more radiant than normal.

Like second skin, Lingerie de Peau sets in without a noticeable trace aside from the smooth canvas it provides the wearer. If you're feeling blotchy and lackluster, wearing this second skin arsenal along with a bright lip color will ready you to anything. Lingerie de Peau is unique as its formulation transforms skin by reflecting light thus exuding a glow like no other.

Invisible Skin-Fusion foundation at best, this liquid foundation boasts of SPF 20 and a sulfate and pthalates-free formula, thus making it a good option even for those with sensitive skin! With this foundation, my skin looks more rested (something so hard to fake!) and more even. It doesn't cake and doesn't clash against my favorite blush and shadow products. So lovely, I definitely recommend this. It also doesn't hurt that a little (one pump) is enough to cover the entire face and neck regions. 

Subtle is sexy, they say

Well, this foundation is the epitome of subtle makeup.

I love that I found a good skin match out of this foundation!

It starts of as lighter but once you spread out, it blends well with the skin, truly invisible, and just leaves the skin looking flawless and crease-free!

PS. In ways more than one, your language is permeating my soul.

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  2. I agree natural make up is the best!


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