Living la Vivid Lipsticks!

I recently received a beauty swap box from my friend The Sneakerette, and today, I would like to share with you the lipstick swatches from her gifts. She knows how much I love lipsticks, and I am so stoked over the juicy colors she chose for me. If you want to try Wet N Wild Megalast lipsticks, or are curious about violet and plum shades, then you should browse through the swatches I have for today for my lipstick collection just got fruitier this season.

So before you pout that sexy thing, read after the jump! Enjoy!
Ready your puckers. Here we go. I shall be repeating my nude lip photo for comparison, so please don't hesitate to reach me through the comments if you have any question.

The Sneakerette sent me quite a bunch of well-curated Wet N Wild Megalast lipsticks, and I'd like to begin the parade with the lipsticks with actual names to them. I don't know why Wet N Wild still uses codes in tagging their lipsticks, it can get very tedious since I know these alpha-numeric codes have name counterparts, but since you tear that label off when you open the lipsticks, you then have to rely on codes onwards--which really, is hard to remember! I need names at the bottom of my lipsticks! I am very fond of names. :)

So first set showcases the loud colors. Both are quite bright, but I think my skintone leans closer to liking the second shade, just because a Barbie Pink lipstick isn't something I can sport on a regular basis. It would require a certain coordinate to look fine on me, else I risk looking drag. :)

 1. Dollhouse Pink
2. Purty Persimmon

Now we showcase the family of colors that I am most fond of, the wearable, warm, and cozy pinks. I love both shades so much as they're a pop of liveliness that is both sweet and sophisticated. Between the two, I like the second shade a whole lot more! :)

3. 906D
4. C905D

For darker lip days, the Wet N Wild Megalast collection sure has a lot to offer. I recently have been wearing the second shade quite often, just because I'm savoring the last few days of my blonde hair, and nothing adds life to my face (it became pale-looking because of my very light hair) than really really bold and dark lip colors. It's also my first spin at violet lips, and I like it!

5. C910D
6. 908C 

But if you can't sport violets from the darker spectrum, there are ways around it...

like Revlon's Violet Frenzy. It's dark, but not too dark because of its sheer finish. It isn't strikingly bright and it has a very nice moisture to it, unlike creamy semi-matte finish.

7. Violet Frenzy

If you want juicier, Milani has these two lovely shades that are aptly named with food too!

They only offer a sheer hint of color, but amazingly, despite their sheer coverage, the color doesn't disappear with my slightly dark lips. Between the two, I really like the first shade. It's so natural.

8. Grapetini
9. Macadamia

I was also given a Milani lip gloss, below.

I find the texture for this lip gloss odd, because I feel like more than a gloss, it borders around the trend of lip creams? It also has a suede-like finish which I should brainstorm about first, how to match to my regular makeup. It's unique, and is something I would have to understand first. :)

10. First Class

Last but not the least, and also from the lip gloss department, E sent me her favorite Stay with Me Essence lip glosses.

These Essence glosses, based on my experience, are very nice and easy to work with--even with the tropical country that we have in the Philippines. They aren't sticky, are very light, and have really fun colors to boot! Between the two, I like the second shade because it's so young and fresh to look at! It also brightens up my face, oddly enough, despite it being baby pink! Cause normally, light pinks make me look dull--than doll-like!

11. Berry Me
12. I Like Cotton Candy

To learn more about our beauty swap, go to this link.

I hope you liked the shades I featured today. I really like my new lippies and can't wait to wear them in rotation--especially because I just love painting my lips with different color per day--to match my mood! Again, thank you Sneakerette! :)

Which shade do you like the most?

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  1. You have such beautiful shapely lips :D You look great in any lipstick!

  2. Your sweet little comment made my day! Thank you! :D

  3. awww i thought all of them were going to be super pigmented! bummers for the sheer purpley ones :<

    1. But it's okay. I really like how they turned out :)


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