Mythic Oil for color-treated hair

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Hello Sunshine! Perhaps you've heard already, I re-colored my hair again! If there's one thing I later learned from having/maintaining light-colored hair, it's the inevitability of dark roots! And the grossness of it!

I hate my roots! I hate it when they show the fakeness of my blonde! I always feel silly, wondering if I can be blonde forever, and my roots just breaks the dream! So I recolored. This time, I used Sunset Red, a hair color I've worn quite frequently, but have never really sported coming from bleached hair. Surprisingly, it gave me a rusted orange color--which reminded me a whole lot of my all-time favorite muse, Clementine Kruczynski of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Okay, I'm a bit presumptuous. Here's a photo of my hair after being colored Sunset Red.

Bright and fun, not really fierce, and although it faded too soon (yes, it did), I have to say, I truly enjoyed keeping the color.

However, my hair fixation isn't just about coloring. Actually, with frequent coloring comes great responsibility! That is why, as part of my daily after-shower regimen, I use L'oreal Mythic Oil * on shower-dry hair to ease out untangling my hair, and to also seal in essential nourishment as I fan-dry my locks.

Mythic Oil is suitable for all hair types with its blend of avocado oil and grape seed oil. With it, hair becomes instantly more supple, tamed and glossy. It is also immediately absorbed for a lightweight feel and finish--in fact, contrary to prior belief, using premium hair nourishing oils like Mythic Oil on wet hair actually speeds up your natural air dry-time. That's why I always use this product too, because I'm always in a hurry! :)

So let's just say, because I can't get rid of my hair coloring hobby, I always compensate with professional and expert-level hair care straight from my shower caddie to my kikay kit. I started using my Mythic oil last February since I got my Steam Care treatment done, and to date, it's an indispensable addition to my beauty regimen. To know more about professional hair care, like L'oreal Pro Philippines fan page here.

Care to share your favorite hair hair serum?

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  1. I've tried mythic oil before even on non-colored hair and it is amazing! It also made my hair more silky and smooth, especially because it's rebonded. It looks naturally straight now :)

    1. Yes I also heard mythic oil is great for rebounded hair!


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