Naturally against Hair Loss

Hello Sunshine! Back when I was at kindergarten, during these warm "almost" summer days, my friends and I go out to the playground and try to catch ourselves some dragonflies. It was one of my penchant childhood memories, those shared giggles over my first hands-on experience on practicing cunning and slyness. That is why I was gleeful to try this super cute bath soap as gifted by a friend of mine based in California. Thanks my dear Eileen.

Of course, aside from my fond childhood memories, this "almost" summer season reminds me of the importance of hydration. Surely it is when the sun is at its peak when our bodies start to change and become, should I say, more porous? Sweat, dryness and frizz are among the things that I battle with when the temperature's on a high--but since my frequent and experimental hair coloring days were also heightened late last year until few weeks ago, I have one additional thing to worry about... hair fall. I guess I should just come out and say, My name is Kumiko and I am chaetophic (chaetophobia--fear of hair fall).

Personally, I experience horrid hair fall when I am going through so much stress and when my hair is long--which I associate to my weak scalp. So I always keep my hair mid-length, and on those rare moments that I get to sport a long do (my longest was in 2012, waist length), I am always careful when it comes to hair doings. And by careful, I mean I use only the best and gentlest products for my crowning glory.

Hair styling, heat or no-heat, coloring, chemical treatments and every day duress takes a toll on our hair. Ever wonder where that hairball came from? Well, if you're like me with a unique hair color, you can't blame other people for the fallen hair on the floor. The way I experience it, every time I see blonde hair on my brush, I feel my heart break because it's reality biting off my shoulder since I can't even go on denial pretending the hair isn't from my head!

I would assume someone out there is also going through the frustrating problem of excessive hair fall, brittle hair, hair breakage and more. Thinning hair is something we women also may unfortunately suffer from if we aren't careful, so in the spirit of my sharing, I'd like to share with you two words that would change your life. Two words that would turn things around, enlighten the path ahead and grant you the hope for better days (sans thinning hair).

Gugo Bark

If there's one thing that truly helps me keep my hair in tact, it is Gugo for the hair. My first experience of Gugo bark for the hair was through a luxurious spa treatment at The Chi, Shangri-la Hotel. It was with that experience that my faith in homemade and nature-centric beauty regimens solidified. The therapist simply treated my hair with a massage using gugo bark soaked in calamansi and wow, the results: clarified strands and weightlessness of my then long hair was very notable. Immediately, I made the switch to using natural products especially for my hair, since most of my beauty problems begins there (it is my biggest frustration).

If like me, you're frustrated with your hair, especially if your biggest problem is hair fall, switch to a strengthening shampoo that has gugo as its main active ingredient. Gugo is nature's secret to curing hair loss. It makes complete sense to switch to natural products too, since sometimes, the hair fall is actually caused by the harsh ingredients in most chemical champoos.

I would recommend Zenutrients Gugo Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner* (P225 and P275 per 200ml respectively). Zenutrients is a brand founded since 2007, and maybe many of you are familiar with their brand's wide range of soaps, but if not and you would like to try natural beauty product that is effective, homegrown and is not heavy on the budget, you should try their bestselling Gugo hair care range from any of their outlets.

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Do you use natural and organic beauty products? Share with me your favorites!


  1. i really wanted to try gugo shampoos oldies says that it can thicken hair and i think i needed that..

  2. I have a very thin hair and I used to have a horrible hair fall when I use chemical-based shampoos and conditioners. Ever since I tried Human Nature's hair products, hair loss lessened but my hair strands are still thin. This gugo product seems to be really effective. I do hope it will thicken my hair. Thanks for this post! Can't wait to try it! :)

    1. Good luck Heygar! Yes it is super effective in making my hair strands strong against the frequent coloring/bleaching I do.


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