Le Gourmandise Colour

I heard you're looking for a bright and lifting lip color. Do you want to find a striking red for your lips? We all are. Just as we appreciate the goodness of life, and indulge and savor the scents and flavor of everyday wellness and every day's blessings, today, let us be enchanted with a top find from luxurious French house of beauty and elegance, Guerlain.

Let's talk about Gourmandise Rouge G L'Extrait*.
Gourmandise comes from the 15th century French word, Gourmant. It rings the word gourmet, and yes, it is close to the heart of appreciation of good food and drink. When Guerlain released their Fall 2012 collection, it was an array that interpreted the 7 sins. Gourmandise merits gluttony, and fits right so.

Gourmandise is a pop of raspberry color for gluttony. It is a delicious and rich swipe of liveliness for the lips (and to those who are ingenious, for the cheeks as cream cheek color). Intense and bright, Gourmandise is the perfect choice for a lipstick-only day. I reach out to my Gourmandise when I don't have much time to do a full make-up but don't want to go out un-kissed. I also reach out to my Gourmandise when I want something bold yet amiable for the day. This bright lip color captures light and helps my lips stand out without aggressively clashing against my Filipina skintone--and that's a feat, my dear readers! I'm sure if you're honey skinned too, even if on the fairer side, you also experience how hard it is to find a bright red color that will be friendly enough to look good with our unique Asian skin.

Guerlain truly has the most exquisite and rewarding packaging. Incomparably fit for women who deserves the best of the best. The Rouge line is a bit heavy, and I always jokingly refer to it as a 007 weapon, a silver bullet or a lipstick-come-silver dagger; but all it really is is a deadly lip color that can sweep any man of his feet: a kryptonite for beauty enthusiasts, a sexy woman in every swipe.

Luxe, and fierce, Gourmandise is a resonating punch of juiciness for the lips. It is also long-lasting and non-drying (quite creamy in fact), perfect for a day's worth of indulgence. Guerlain is available at Rustans Makati and Shangri-la Mall.

What color do you usually reach out to for your "lipstick-only" days? Nudes or Brights?

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  1. I love Guerlain's packaging! So luxe! That shade is so gorgeous, too! xx

  2. Oh this lipstick is just the perfect one!!!!! :D Beautiful and handy!!!


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