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Hello Sunshine! Let me share with you a few things that I'm afraid of. I'm afraid of ghosts (the more evil, the scarier). This is odd because I think I attract ghosts, pun intended. Seriously speaking, I was told that I've been followed by a ghost for five, make that six years already if to date that ghost is still chasing after my shadow. I have long planned cleansing, but couldn't find the means to do the ritual, so yes I'm afraid of ghosts--and would love to think that my fear has some bearing.

I'm also afraid of doing the bad thing. Note, I didn't say wrong, because I'm relatively okay with the idea of making, and learning, from mistakes. But I'm afraid of doing the bad. I've always strove to be a kind person, and those occasions when I fail myself in keeping up with my kindness module weigh heavily on me. People won't understand how low I feel when I end up doing something hurtful, unkind, careless, etc. This may come off as too childish, but I really want to be a reason why people can take a deep sigh and say, alas, hope for humanity.

I'm also afraid of being helpless. I am a firm believer of actions, and helplessness is a strangling thought for me. I can't imagine being helpless by default. The saddest days of my life are those days when I am incapacitated by an emotion, and then some. So I'm very afraid of being helpless. On a less self-centered manner following my previous thought, I'd love to think I can always help other people out too.

Today, I just have to release the sureness of my being afraid of a number of things. I am petrified. But, I would rather think that this is just a bump on the road, that life is just glaring at me, and there's hope in that because I don't lose staring contests.

"You should be out driving people wild."

When was the last time you felt most alive?

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  1. I also afraid of ghost huhuhu >.< thats why I stay away from horror movies and stories cos I'm so easily influenced & getting all paranoid even 'tho I know some of the stories are fake :/

  2. same here, i am afraid of ghost.. i dont know what will happen if i saw one with my own eyes. i will totally freak out. hehe but people always telling me be afraid to the people who are alive that might do wrong or bad things on us.

    - from #gig

  3. I am afraid of the dark. xoxo KJ

  4. I'm really scared of spiders etc

    #gigblogger #gigcrew

  5. I'm scared of wasting my life and waking up with regret when I'm old and it is too late!

  6. I'm scared to be alone in my grandmother's place, especially n the first floor.
    GIG love

  7. I am actually afraid of clowns and dolls...I am a weirdo. :)

    GIG member
    Style Without Limits

  8. I do not even like to think of ghost...evil....I am afraid to watch demonic movies.

  9. Well the only time I'm afraid of ghost is, after hearing a ghost story or watching a real horror movie like Exorcist or Ring or even Paranormal Activity. Apart from that, I'm kind of afraid of lizards!And 'm afraid of heights. But I trying to overcome that by riding great Giant Wheels! :)

  10. I`m afraid of letting life pass me by or missing out on a moment.

  11. hmmm... i don't know what i am afraid of...i try not to think of fears because they tend to stop us from moving forward #GIG

  12. I'm afraid of heights...no matter how many attempts to get over them..!

  13. Im not afraid of ghosts but I do believe in spirits. Have you tried to communicating with them? You should not let your fear takeover because you are given them room to control your life. If you feel threaten and unsafe by a particular unseen presence, then you should look for help (maybe a priest or a medium) .


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