I love people who WINK (do you know what I mean!)

I feel sexiest when I carry with me a secret. It can go from anything random such as "mischief managed"-worthy or playful such as a new makeup palette (that I will hide at home at risk of getting scolded for having too much already!)

But among the many secrets that I like keeping to myself (unless, "evangelizing") is my waxing schedule. As much as I live an opened book lifestyle, I don't think I can ever bring myself to divulging even my hair removal schedules online--especially if it's for le down there.

Fortunately, a new waxing salon just opened for this very need of privacy. Yes, it's very sexy to be hair-free, but I have my days where I want my fuzz-free life to be about hygiene and preference than sheer haughtiness--and naughtiness.

Very subtle, yet so captivating, Wink Waxing Salon at Bonifacio Global City is my new hair removal salon-go-to because they're very affordable and very professional! Their service, ambiance and staff's diligence, patience and grace was on point for me! I even wrote on my planner already--that I have to book a schedule in few weeks time because I really can't see myself going elsewhere for my hair removal needs. 

Consider me a convert--I don't want to lie, Wink is one of the the best places to get a wax in ManilaPUN INTENDED!
So this March, I dare you to also get your wax done at Wink! Their Brazilian wax is just P680! And for first-time Brazilian Laser Hair Removal customers, their P4,000 service is just P1,500! What better way to welcome the sizzling sun than with smoothness, all over!

For the curious, Wink uses Berodin for their waxing treatments. It's the leading hard wax especially in the US! The difference between Hard from soft wax? It doesn't need strips to be removed. It also doesn't stick on to the skin, so it's less irritating (didn't irritate me at all, even!). Ideally, it is used for the face, underarms, and bikini area. The Berodin blue hard wax is flexible and isn't brittle so it can reach even difficult corners with ease. To learn more about Berodin Wax, visit this link.

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When do YOU feel sexiest?

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