BOOKREVIEW#73 Fallen in Love by Lauren Kate

Before 2012 ended, I found myself hooked on Lauren Kate's Fallen series. What started as #bookgifts ended up as an addition to my growing collection of books. To those who haven't tried it yet, young adult books are quite fun to "rest" with because they are usually very light with little mini truths tucked between the pages. I really enjoy reading young adult books because they are innocent, less contrived and more often than not, relaxed enough to be digested with my afternoon tea. 

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So imagine my delight when I heard wind of Fallen in Love, it's like a supplement book to the series as it details sub-romantic-plots between the major and minor characters of the Fallen series. Imagine it to be like an official fan-fiction, only that it wasn't fan-made, rather from the mind of Fallen's very own Goddess, Lauren Kate. Fallen in Love is an interesting way to learn more about the characters you're sure to miss after reading the series. I would recommend reading Fallen in Love last because it reveals some details best reserved for our hindsight. Fallen in Love is like an anthology of Fallen character's love stories as projected by Lauren Kate herself. Because of that, you may expect the same lightness and smoothness, as well as consistency, from Fallen in Love as aligned with the Fallen series itself. 

What I enjoyed about Fallen in Love the most? It's a fresh new perspective of looking at Luce and Daniel's, Fallen's lead protagonists, love story--as well as the character makeup of their friends and even "enemies". It's truly amazing to be reminded how we are all comprised of our unique stories, and how our unique stories sometimes interact with another's unique story--creating one majestic play, or in this case, book, displaying the ups and downs of being blessed (or cursed) with such a strong emotion.

I have another young adult book to share with you soon. I can't wait to finish reading it and let you know how it goes. Hint: It's usually compared to The Hunger Games trilogy... and is a trilogy as well!

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  1. Dystopian, Young adult book are really good! I recommend (if you havent read it) the Divergent series by Veronica Roth. A little more action-packed than the Hunger Games trilogy! :)


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