TURNBACKTUESDAY#23 The Prize of Ransom Riggs

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Last Sunday I took a day-off (yes, I work on Sundays), and went to the Ransom Riggs book signing and QnA event at Fully Booked. It was one mighty cool day because it opened with a drizzle and closed with a shower of pleasant memories.

At 10am, the line for the book signing was already quite long! Fortunately, my Japanese gene compels me to always be on time (or better yet, early) so the line came after me. I got the number 39, which was good, because at 10am, people were already lining up for the hundreds! That's how much Ransom Riggs is loved by his Filipino readers.

The event proper was scheduled at 3PM, so what I did from morning to afternoon was wait. It's very easy to be patient when inside Fully Booked, I later realized. Of course, it didn't hurt that Fully Booked Fort has a Starbucks Coffee branch inside it. But what really got me to acquiring enough potency of patience to endure the five-hour wait was the racks of titles that were calling upon my book-hungry soul. I later on tweeted, how impossible it was to be at Fully Booked and not bring home a copy to indulge my literary cells with. I love shopping at Fully Booked so much because they almost always have the title I'm looking for. On the rare occasions that they don't, it's just because the available stock is at a different branch--and this you can easily address by requesting a transfer or a reservation. There are the books I went home with.

The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes -- I got it because walking around Fully Booked for hours, while waiting for the Ransom Riggs event, I found myself always gravitating to where this book was shelved. To make it more haunting, I always ended up picking it up, reading the back and debating with myself whether I'd buy it or not. Suffice it to say, I succumbed to the concept of, if you can't get it off your mind, might as well go home with it! I shall be reading it this week.

The Lover's Dictionary by David Levithan -- I have been seeing this book among the featured shelves of almost every bookstore but hesitated going home with it because I feared the sappiness that was all over its pages. I am quite a sappy person, don't get me wrong, but I'm trying to dip my toes into different things lately, so sappiness I try to avoid (since again, I have lots of it!) BUT that day was the day. I got it, went home and read it, and boy did I read it and bawled. Well, I didn't cry, but my heart was fluffed like a precious pillow. I love it. It went perfectly well with my "a word a day" project. It sure felt good to learn so many new words, defined by a lovely backdrop. I dog-eared a lot of pages, god forbid, but I swear, this book is worth every minute of reading it. It was so good, I finished it in a day!

Come 2PM I already went to U-view where Fully Booked hosted a private press forum with the Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children author, Ransom Riggs. Frankly, Ransom wasn't the "type" I expected, considering how dark and well, rightfully peculiar Miss Peregrine was! Instead, Ransom lit up the entire room (or was it because the entire room was mostly girls, well, that's a possible angle).

Ransom Riggs was light, humorous, candid and quite evidently passionate about his artistic ventures. The way he treats and talks about his craft, his process of creation by which I was quite enamored with, and his standards (set by caffeine-induced bearings, I presume). I remember him first saying, immediately as he took his sit before the press, "Coffee is very important to writing, I learned." With a tall hot Starbucks beside him, Ransom instantly developed rapport with his just-as-caffeine-induced audience.

"The photos came first," he sincerely shared. Asked how the photos came to fit his bestselling Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, a quirky young adult (his first novel) misguided chronicle of rediscovering family ties, people and self.

Personally, I got (and fell in love) with the book because of what it embodied. Between its pages is a metaphor of belonging, acceptance and tenderness, that sinks deep into the crevices neath my chest. It's a cheating escape towards an agreed greater totality of Being. A clue after another, through peculiar pictures that speaks of strangeness and an odd familiarity, Miss Peregrine hit me in my silences that craved to be tapped.

It is, as Ransom dedicated my copy with, for the eternal oneTrue enough, it shan't be forgotten. I don't know about you, but when life gets a bit too "daily-dally", sometimes a shock to the system (yes, that Tegan and Sara song) is most welcome. I found my energy in Ransom's book. Quite honestly, when he told us media that he's already working on a sequel (yes, there'd be a sequel), I can't hold my atoms together. I just got so very excited, I'm counting the days. For now, I can just hope and look back: more photos from the event, here.

Cheers to we, the peculiar ones!

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